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So you have a dream. You think you want to go after it?

What do you do next? Would you like to know if you have a chance to obtain it?

Click here for some questions and quotes to help you "SEE it so you can SEIZE it!"

The Giver gives freely, the Matcher gives when he knows there’s something in it for him and the Taker will avoid giving when possible unless he will get it back with an added gain.
Be a Giver! Encourage others to be Givers.

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I say, “It takes work to make your dream work.”

The “work” I am writing about does not end after you closed the sale and received a check.

The “work” continues long after that sale. It’s about staying in touch with your client long after the deal is done and keeping that client for life.

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Action not perfection leads to results!

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When you are setting out to grow your business, you have to remember it takes persistency, effort, time and emotion. One of the best analogies I can use is to think about building a business the same way you would grow a Chinese bamboo plant. The first thing you need is a tiny, tiny seed…you [...]

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After my show, The Wednesday Call, ended last week, I took several of our agents to the Burlington airport to check out a private jet that was in town for a couple hours.

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We just returned from an amazing week in Aruba and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about our experience. It was a week filled with making new friends, forming closer bonds with people we already knew and planning for the future. We had the chance to strategize in one of the coolest [...]

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I had the privilege to speak to an audience of 300 students and entrepreneurs at N.C. State University on April 29 during the N.C. State Entrepreneurship Initiative Lecture Series and Lulu eGames. It was a blast seeing and hearing how the excitement of these young people who want to make a difference in the world. [...]

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I wanted to post a short entry to share a newspaper article about our company’s involvement in a training program that includes playing a game called the “Hat Factory.”

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I think part of the reason I feel so connected to that team is that all they wanted was a shot to be great. If they got the opportunity, they were going to show people how great they could be. The key is what you do with the blessings put in front of you. You can take them for granted or you can thank God for blessing you with a chance to be great.

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I shared a story about my son Spencer playing hockey in an earlier blog and I wanted to share a video that appeared on our local Fox affiliate this week.

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