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  1. Diana Windsor says:

    Dear Mr. Albright, Kudos to you for the changes I am seeing in your presentations. You have heart and are doing great things. Thank you.
    I spoke with your CPA in Orlando. What you have done for Mortgage Protection will transfer easily to buy/sell agreements for small business. By the year 2018 50% of the GNP of the US will be generated by small business owners. 75% of all patents come from the small business sector, I could go on and on. I believe making sure a business can get to the next generation, and the next, is by protecting the business with capital while it rights itself from the loss of the founder and leader. This concept of life insurance to help a small business stay open and survive the death of an owner will have far reaching impact on the economy of the US.

  2. Milad Saliba says:

    Not too long ago when I managed a factory in New Jersey, I learned the Spanish language just to be able to keep up with what 150 Non-English speaking employees were trying to tell me.   Few decades prior to that I had to learn the English language during my high school age so I can survive in America.

    Today In 2011 I must confront and take on a new mission to learn the insurance language in a short period of time.  It is definitely well worth it.  I will be taking the State exam next week and with a lot of faith and effort I expect to pass it. 

    Thank you again for your unwavering effort to touch the lives of so many people.

    Yours truly,

    Milad Saliba

  3. Tim Cooper says:

    Jordan asked me to join your conference call yesterday and I am impressed with your organization and leadership style. I am anxious to meet you in Birmingham next Wedsday morning.

    Tim Cooper

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