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  People need to understand that we were not put on Earth to be mediocre, rather you were made for more. Too many people live life in miserable mediocrity. I’m happy if you have indoor plumbing, a roof over your head and you are paying your bills. It’s great that you have hot water, HBO, […]

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I want to ask you a very serious question about the interactions and conversations you have on a daily basis. The question is this: Do you truly think before speaking and asking questions when you deal with people? People love stories. Stories hold your attention, they stir up emotion and they help us remember what […]

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  There is something you have to understand in life. You are going to make mistakes and disasters. You are not always going to do things 100 percent right all the time. The sooner you realize this, accept it and start working to make things happen, the better off you will be. You are going […]

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