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The key here is: the upline person wanted me to TEACH them how to MAKE someone else do something! You see, the question they asked me was wrong. If I had even attempted to answer the wrong question, we would be condemned to failure! The question they should have asked is: “How do I get […]

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Just got off the phone with one of our agents and they were asking about how they can get one of their people to work with some of their downline. This is a common mistake people make. YOU are responsible for your own depth! You can’t wait on your downline to work with people below […]

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Hey guys! Just checking in with you on Monday morning after a great weekend (I wrote this Monday!) hanging out with CEO of Foresters George Mohacsi and his son. Spent a lot of time talking about how Foresters and National Agents Alliance can work together to EXPLODE in 2010! Speaking of 2010, can you believe it’s […]

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