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I’m not a real big fan of driving long distances now because it takes way too long and it’s just not as much fun as flying. My time is pretty valuable and we had several Spring Forward events going on in multiple states today and I wanted to be at every single one!

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Greetings from Anna Maria Island in Florida! So after an amazing cruise to Barbados, Tortola, St. Barts and all these crazy other spots, we got back to Raleigh around 9:40 p.m. Sunday night. Most people would be beat after that right? Ha! No way! Monday morning it was back to the airport with Jane and […]

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Hey guys! I’m sitting here looking out over some of the prettiest water you could ever imagine. Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, but I’ve been on the road and right now I’m cruising around in St. Barts, where the weather is here and we wish you were too! I’ll tell you more about this adventure […]

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