30 ‘focused’ hours in Miami

I had the chance to pop down to Miami, Fla. with my son, Spencer, three of my staff and two agents and invited our SEAL Team 20 members to a select dinner at Prime 112 in South Beach on Sunday night. We went to go look at some ridiculous cars...

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I had the chance to pop down to Miami, Fla. with my son, Spencer, three of my staff and two agents and invited our SEAL Team 20 members to a select dinner at Prime 112 in South Beach on Sunday night. We went to go look at some ridiculous cars on Monday morning at Prestige Imports and then hosted training and an opportunity meeting Monday night.

We left at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and we didn’t stop “doing” until we got wheels up to come back to North Carolina at around 11 p.m. late Monday night.

We had 100-plus people at our meeting and I enjoyed spending time with our team in Miami. This was a great trip where we did some dream building by looking at some wild cars and eating crazy good food. The trip was a success!

One of the things I talked to people about during this trip was the importance of focus. We all get 24 hours. What separates those who win big versus those who are only average boils down to how we choose to spend those precious minutes.

You get 1,440 minutes every day. You have to spend your time wisely and effectively to be successful.   seafood

You can spend time messing around on Facebook or other social media platforms, but that isn’t where you are getting a high ROI.

You can watch all the television that you want to, but knowing what happened on the latest episode of Breaking Bad isn’t going to pay the bills my friend.

March Madness is well underway, so maybe you spent hours filling out multiple brackets so you have a better chance to win your pool … How is that helping you get better? 🙂

I’m not mad at people that enjoy those things, but don’t whine to me about not getting things done if you are focused on things that don’t help you grow and become more successful. Seriously? How can anybody honestly complain about where they are if they are spending their time on things that don’t help them improve? It’s nuts!

Where is your focus? Where are you committing massive chunks of time during your 24 hours each day? If you are mindlessly going through your day without very intentional planning and scheduling, then you probably are not going to reach your goals. Maybe you haven’t even set any goals? Now is the time to do that if you haven’t already.

I want to encourage you to get serious about what you want to do this year. Sit down and white sheet some things that need to change and start planning so you can grow and improve.

Your schedule should be the very item that offers a court side seat into why you are where you right now. When you plan, you will get more accomplished.

door-carYou know exactly what you should be doing because it is on your calendar. It sounds simple, but too many people make the mistake of not scheduling out their days properly.

Please know that if you are not doing this, it’s not too late. The great news is you can start now! If you are new at this, please try it for a week and let me know how it works for you. Come back in a week and leave a comment here so I know how it worked for you.

When you are “doing,” the world will seemingly open up for you. You will start knocking out tasks faster than ever before. You will be more productive. You will be more excited about where you are headed. You mindset will change for the better.

Take a few minutes each night to think about what needs to happen the following day and get very intentional with your time. Don’t waste precious minutes because you can’t get them back!

Focus, focus, focus!

    March 23, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Thank you Andy.I work and work to make ends meet,I do the cooking ,cleaning,grocery shopping,doctors appointments,school visits,work late to make up the time I have lost.I want focus,but who will do what needs to be done..I am trying and will continue till I achieve my goals Lord help me !!

  2. Scott
    March 23, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    I appreciate you taking the time to jot down some thoughts and encourage us, me, to do better. Thanks for sharing. It is so encouraging when you see and experience a leader lead from the front, serve, and share insights that spur us on to do better!
    Scott Ducharme

  3. Kent Maerki
    Kent Maerki
    March 23, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    You provide a great example for each of us and set a high bar for yourself and, hence, each of us.

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