3,000 miles, 8 states and 12 hours later!

I’m not a real big fan of driving long distances now because it takes way too long and it’s just not as much fun as flying. My time is pretty valuable and we had several Spring Forward events going on in multiple states today and I wanted to be at...

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I’m not a real big fan of driving long distances now because it takes way too long and it’s just not as much fun as flying. We had several Spring Forward events going on in multiple states today and I love Alex Fitzgerald so much that I wanted to be there for him and his teams!

My favorite wingman Spencer!

The only way to do that? Charter a crazy jet to get it done!

We covered 3,000 miles and covered eight states in 12 hours, which would take you about 48 hours in car. That’s how we roll!

So this morning I got my son up at 5:15 am took a quick shower got my suit on, drove 15 minutes and met up with Tim Goad, Chris Reavis, Chris Hill, Deborah Pendegraph, Ryan Van Skiver and we jumped up a Citation jet at the Burlington, N.C. airport.

We loaded up and took off a little after 6 a.m. We had some coffee and some breakfast bars and headed to Dallas, Texas to see Alex and Heather Fitzgerald and all of the heroes on their team. It was unbelievable when we got there because they were ready for us! There were more than 550 people there and the place was rocking.

We got Tim Goad up on stage and I thought they were going to bring the house down.  They brought me up on stage to chit chat and I got to meet 250 people I’ve never met in person. I got to speak to those guys and share with them that the opportunity National Agents Alliance is really about “Having Fun, Making Money and Making a Difference.”

It was fun being able to tell them that and let them know how “we roll” as we like to say!

I want to give some of our MVPs that were there today a special shout out. Paul and Tamra Roberts, Bill and Diane Lampe and John Wilson, along with Mr. and Mrs. Fitz! … We appreciate all you do. It was great seeing you today!

We were there all of two whole hours before we jumped back on our Citation jet and flew to Florida, which was actually a little bit shorter of a flight at only 2 ½ hours. We grabbed some biscuits and some snacks and definitely reloaded the Red Bull and took off for Jacksonville.

Our MVPs in Florida today were Chris and Courtney Long, and Andy Riddle. Congratulations on a big day and a successful Spring Forward.

There were more than 400 at this event and they were bouncing, dancing and jumping around acting crazy. This is a very sophisticated group with a lot of sharp mortgage brokers, investment bankers, and a lot of crazy, good down-to-earth people. It’s that mix of people and talents that create this incredible, unified team that is just a mix of people from different experiences and different backgrounds. It’s amazing how people can be so different and be so unified at the same time. It was neat to see that up close and personal during our short visit.

There are also all these former professional athletes and all the people there love Tim Goad and they were wide open. I got up and spoke and I got to laughing so hard I almost couldn’t talk because I was laughing so hard. I got to thinking about all the silly things that happened in my childhood and a lot of the things I covered in my book, “The 8 Steps to Success.” But, I got to tell things I’ve never told before, so it was fun to speak with the group and share those things with them.

As soon as I finished, we piled back in the jet and headed to Burlington, N.C., touched down and all our people headed in different directions. Tim Goad got right back on the plane and headed for Burlington, Vermont to speak tonight, where he will speak to more than 1,000 people. We will see him again very soon and his wife Gaye and his children — Blake and BreAnn — are with us tonight in Burlington, N.C.

We’re heading over to our corporate office where we have reports of more than 400 people waiting for us to get there.

My wife is there, my daughter Haleigh is there waiting to see us.

My son Spencer is here with me and I’m glad he got to fly with us today and that we didn’t lose him along the way. Spencer really got a good education, flying around the country today.

Here we go … We are going to rock the house tonight at our Spring Forward. Every event we are going to get 100 percent commitment to our Leadership Conference coming up in July, we’ve got Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness) signed up to be there and it’s going to be crazy.

Come join us, come help us help you …





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  1. Justin Karsnitz
    Justin Karsnitz
    May 8, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    I had an AWESOME time at the Spring Forward in Burlington, NC. And then when you came to Indianapolis, IN the week after. Thank you for travelling around the country to see us. You are changing peoples lives with the insight and knowledge you communicate to us all.

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