5 Ways to Stay Positive: Be the Seed!

The following is from a track on Andy’s new audio CD titled “5 Ways to Stay Positive” that can be purchased in The Alliance store.

Are you positive? I encourage you to be a seed of positivity. A seed is little bitty. Pretend you are little bitty. The smallest seed that keeps growing eventually becomes big!

A seed is perfectly capable of growing. All that seed needs is the right environment. It needs soil, water and sun. That’s all it needs.

Do you have the right environment to be that little seed that grows big? Are you listening to the right audio? Are you around the right people? Are you reading the right books? Are you putting the right stuff in your life?

Are you working to increase your capacity to grow? You can help improve your chances for success by making sure you are in the right environment to grow.

Be a seed and grow! Most people “see” why they can’t grow. A seed starts growing now and figures out how to get to the top. Start growing … bloom where you are. Don’t wait for the right opportunity to come along. Don’t wait. Too many people want to be picked up and placed exactly where they need to be. Don’t do that.

Start growing like a seed. Most think they can’t do something instead of thinking they can. Do it in as many areas as possible. Say “I Can” not “I Can’t.” Start saying, I can and I am going to find out how I can grow more. You have to say “I can” and ask yourself, “How can I do more?”

Stop focusing on what you are doing right and work on improving in areas where you are not doing so hot. If you think you are doing everything right, then it is going to be hard to help you grow. Stop thinking that you have it all figured out and work on getting better.

A seed is resilient. They can bounce back from more than people realize. When something bad happens, you need to get up as fast as possible. Don’t wallow and waste away when you face an obstacle or challenge. Get up and move on.

Think of ways you can do things better in your life. Keep asking and learning about things. That will help you improve. Keep asking how you can change, how you can do more and how you can improve.

These questions will help you improve your life:

What can I do better?

How can I change?

What am I not doing that I should be doing?

How can I make things better?

Keep asking yourself those questions and keep working on improving and learning.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Positive: Be the Seed!

  1. Kellyn Bastos-Trapp

    I needed this push today! Be a seed and grow! Don’t wait, just do! Ask myself, what can I do to be better today?

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