A meeting with the creator of the ‘Chief Energy Officer’

I went down to Florida for a couple of meetings in the last 48 hours and also to meet with Jon Gordon, the author of the international bestselling book The Energy Bus and the keynote speaker for our National Convention in January at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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I went down to Florida for a couple of meetings in the last 48 hours and also to meet with Jon Gordon, the author of the international bestselling book The Energy Bus and the keynote speaker for our “Be Your Own Rock Star” Version 2.0 National Convention in January at the Raleigh Convention Center.

On Monday, we had a meeting in Tampa, Fla. so we left Burlington, N.C. on a private plane and flew down there. Then, we got up first thing to fly to Jacksonville, Fla. We got delayed by fog in the Jacksonville area and had to push back our meeting with Gordon back until around 10 a.m.

We got everything squared away, pushed the meeting back and rolled into the PGA Tour’s TPC course at Sawgrass to have a late breakfast with Jon. We took a good group of the National Agents Alliance team with us and Mr. Gordon could not have been more gracious with our people. Check out the Video below.

We talked a little bit and Jon, who had a speaking engagement around noon Tuesday, wanted to speak to each and every team member we had with us. It was awesome. He was on a tight schedule, but he made it a point to sign every book people wanted signed, took pictures with our people and made sure to thank everybody before leaving.

Gordon talks about helping people become “Chief Energy Officers” and after meeting him in person, I know more than even before that he is the real deal. He knows that positive leadership is needed whether it’s in a team, church or any other organization.

Gordon believes people need to be both a coach and cheerleader. He acknowledges, however, it does take effort. He practices all of the concepts he writes about in his books. That’s a big reason why people relate to his books – it’s real-life stuff!

Here’s another little nugget we got from the meeting: Gordon’s next book, which he is writing now, is going to be called The Positive Dog. He said it’s due to his published around the first of the year and one of the main characters is a dog named “Mutt.”

We laughed with Jon, stirred up some future “Chief Energy Officers” and let Jon Gordon know what kind of group he was going to talk to when he comes to Raleigh, N.C. in January.

I wanted to share a couple of core principles that Jon shared with us during our meeting this week. The first topic dealt with using energy and all your talents to make a difference in the world.

Here’s a little of what he said about this: “It’s the same thing with your business. You want to be successful then you decide to be a conduit, decide to be used to make a difference and don’t chase success,” Gordon said. “Decide to make a difference and success will find you. That’s part of your new mission: You go out and make a difference and say how can I help people? Bring this value, this security this future and safety for them, more and more people want to do business with you. Then, the business just grows. That’s how it happens.”

That’s what I’m talking about. I love that mindset. It’s what I do … every single day!

The second thing I want to share is about why people are successful and make it to the top. I like to say that showing up is important, and it is. After you keep showing up, then it’s a matter of sticking to what you are passionate about.

Here’s what Jon said separates people in business and life …

“So many don’t stick it out and you got to be willing to do that,” Gordon said. “Those that don’t stick it out probably weren’t that passionate about it to begin with. It’s only the passionate that will be successful. In the past, you could be mediocre or lukewarm and still be successful but in today’s economy you have to be passionate if you want to be successful. It’s only the passionate now that thrive. People will buy excellence if you produce excellence. If you are mediocre they aren’t going to buy from you.”

Guys, I’ve got to run. We had a couple big days down in Florida and now I’ve got to host my TV show and get ready for our top people to come in town for a benefit concert and meeting Thursday, then my wife Jane is hosting a big social gathering out at our house on Friday.

Hammer down! Don’t let up! Go get you some!


  1. James Hill
    James Hill
    December 8, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Great books! I love how you always make a point to MEET the people you are going to have speak in front of your group even though it’s obviously not cheap or convenient to get a private jet down there. You really care about your people!

  2. Pete Beckman
    Pete Beckman
    December 10, 2011 at 11:33 am

    What a great honor it was to be in the breakfast that morning with Andy and Jon. I’m very humbled and proud to associate with such great leaders. Thanks for the opportunity Andy and Thank you Jon for your words.

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