A week of one-on-one meetings, highlighted by food, guns and fun!

We had a huge week at National Agents Alliance this week, where almost every single one of our agency managers came to visit Burlington, N.C. for basically 24-hour visits, which were jammed full of training, coaching and FUN!

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We had a huge week at National Agents Alliance this week, where almost every single one of our agency managers came to visit Burlington, N.C. for basically 24-hour visits, which were jammed full of training, coaching and FUN!

It started on Sunday night, when our Top 10 agency managers arrived in Burlington, N.C. Some of them drove, some of them flew on commercial flights and those lucky enough to be rolling with Alex Fitzgerald got to ride in style on a chartered jet from Dallas, Texas to the airport about five minutes from our campus.

When you get done reading this, go check out the pictures from the week on National Agents Alliance’s Facebook page.

In addition to Fitzgerald,Andrew Riddle, John Wilson, Alex Abuyuan, Paul Roberts, Stephen Davies, Patrick Connors, and Chris Long all arrived on Sunday evening.

That’s our Top 10 at this point based on our criteria and once they all arrived, they traveled out to our home for a special gathering with Jane and I on Sunday night. Our Chief of Staff Chris Reavis actually served as Chef of Staff for us and he made this ridiculous “Frogmore Stew” that people absolutely devoured. Reavis had 26 pounds of shrimp, bunches of polish sausage, mini-sized corn on the cob, onions, special seasonings … the works. Mr. Reavis went all out and it was awesome.

So we ate, chatted briefly and headed up to our game room, where we played ping pong, shot pool, watched TV and just had a blast with each other. At 10 p.m., we all retired for the night because we knew we had a full day of activities planned for the next day.

Monday morning, we all met Johnny Miller out at Beaver Pond Sporting Club, where they have an amazing lodge where we able to talk – at great length – about what our managers wanted to do this year with their business. We had an unbelievable lunch that included quail wrapped in bacon, stuffed with jalapenos and cheese in it. Beaver Pond has 35 dogs and this neat shooting range about 15 miles south of our campus. They’ve got all these animals mounted on the wall, a huge fire place, just a beautiful facility where it is very peaceful.

After lunch, we continued to meet with our leaders right up until 3 p.m. That’s when the booms started. We went out to the skeet shooting range and proceeded to have a shooting competition with 20- and 12-gauge shotguns. You would have thought we had a bunch of cannons out there it was so loud. We gave out prizes for the sharpshooter and also gave our Top 10 a special care package that included a special poem by Jane. That group of people then loaded up and headed out around 5 p.m., and then it was time for us to meet with the second round of agency managers for dinner at our house at 7 p.m.

One of our media guys Billy Chavis transformed into an National Agents Alliance version of Bobby Flay and grilled some of the best steaks you could ever want. These suckers were at least inch-thick cuts. We did the same deal with what we called our “Top 20” even though it’s really numbers 11-20 of our agency managers. Again, we yucked it up and just had a blast with some more of our favorite people. We had the same schedule as with the first group. We hit the shooting range and did all that fun stuff, and we also got a lot of work done, focused in on our goals for 2011 and beyond and enjoyed spending time with everybody. Jane had a special poem again for this group and it was well received.

In that second group were: Chris Baldwin, Bill Lampe, George Wilson, Adam Katz, Kyle Keator, Michael Owens, and Kyle Winebrenner.

We are very proud of all those people and we expect them to do even bigger things in the future.

So, we had roughly 10 more new people coming in Tuesday and Wednesday, and we again did the same things we had done with the first two groups.

Thursday evening was a little different in that we had around 30 agency managers come to our campus for dinner. This was the largest group we brought in this week, so we opted to entertain at the campus and we also held our one-on-one meetings there Friday. This is another group we expect big things from and I really feel like we helped get people focused on what they want to achieve in their business this year. Jane had yet another poem specific to this group, so she was busy writing leading up to this week’s meetings.

So, every day this week we have eaten about as well as anybody should … really ate like kings to be honest. We got to shoot guns, which is always cool especially when you are able to teach somebody how to shoot that has never done it. We also learned from each other, we learned about each other and we shared our dreams and visions for the future.

I went over some major things I want us to focus on moving forward and I think that it helped everybody get focused on hitting the targets they have in mind. We had fun all week, we did some things that will help people make more money now and I know that we are making a difference in a number of areas. That’s what we are about and that was the goal of our meetings this week.

We wrapped up with our final group at 5 p.m. Friday and now I’m looking forward to spending Memorial Day weekend with my family. If you were not with us in Burlington this week, I hope you will be next time we have a cool deal like this. If you don’t think we had a blast, just seek out some of the people that were invited.

It was a great week.

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