Action not ‘perfection’ will lead to success

A lack of action, not a lack of perfection will lead to failure.

People make the mistake of thinking that something needs to be perfect before they keep working on something. The people who realize it’s not about being perfect, but more about “doing stuff” and “fixing it as you go” are the most successful people.

I know so many people who know exactly what they should do or should be doing, but they get stuck in the here and now and don’t move a task toward completion. Where people fail is when they just stay at the starting block.

Why do they wait? It would be different if they didn’t know what the ultimate goal was. I’m talking about people who know what is expected, don’t act and then can’t understand why they are not where they would like to be.

I talked about this during my show, The Wednesday Call, on Aug. 21, 2013. I drew out a simple diagram that I think will help people.

I asked the following question: “What can crush us?” What will cause us to fail and fall short of our goals?

There are distractions that people allow to cause dysfunction in their life. It is things like pride, greed, arrogance and roaming eyes. These things all fall into one of what I like to call the Four Cs – Credit, Cash, Control and Cuties.

When your pride gets in the way and you think you deserve more credit or recognition than what you have been given, it can hurt you and any team you might be a part of. If the team is winning, does it really matter who gets the most praise? It shouldn’t if you are still winning. Nobody likes a baseball player who is only concerned with his statistics more than his team’s record.

When a person allows greed to get the best of him, he can also find trouble. When a person is too focused on just the money, he can become consumed and make things transactional when that is not healthy. When clients feel like they are just a transaction, their view of you as a person changes. If people don’t believe you care about their well-being, they are less likely to want to work with you.

Arrogance is another downfall of many people who start to taste a little success. If your arrogance isn’t kept in check, then you start trying to control things that maybe you should not. Maybe you are so concerned with controlling an aspect of your job or even a department that you can’t see the forest for the trees unless you have total control of decision making. If you are so dictatorial then it will become hard for others to work with you and certainly trust will be an issue.

I can’t begin to tell you some of the horror stories I’ve heard about successful people who have a roaming eye. When you let “cuties” interfere in the workplace, your marriage, etc. then you are likely in for big trouble. I’ve heard of people working for 30 years to build a successful for their family, only to lose it in an instant because they couldn’t stay focused on the goal.

These are just a few examples of distractions that can lead a person off the right path and down a road of problems, pain and regret. I encourage you to work hard to focus on the act of doing and don’t worry about being perfect. Nothing is ever perfect, even if it seems that way to others in the world.

Make no mistake. Everyone has “stuff.” They lay it down for a few hours and act on the future by taking action.

Set goals. Start working to complete tasks that move you toward that goal. Keep plugging away and focus on income-producing activities.


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