Advisory Board has me pumped up even more!

At the end of November, our company, National Agents Alliance started an Advisory Board to help shape the next 30 years of our business.

For about 24 hours, I got to hang out with some of my favorite friends in the world!

We celebrated their success in business so far by going to see the Carolina Hurricanes (seats in the Champions Club) play hockey in Raleigh, N.C. We held a “brainstorming” session at our headquarters as part of an 8-hour meeting. Don’t worry, we took breaks and had lunch so it wasn’t 8 hours straight! We closed our meeting with a great meal at B Christopher’s (the nicest steak house around) and it was incredibly productive for our company and for me personally.

I want to just send a big thank you to my team, you all know who you are. It’s been fun up to this point and it’s going to be even more fun in the future, which is … “right here, right now … right here, right now!” Can’t get that crazy song out of my head, actually saw that group in concert the other night with my son, Spencer in Greensboro.

It was wild. Anyway … got off point there.

We all got to share our personal vision and goals for the next 30 years! How awesome is that? It was truly a celebration of where we started to where we are now.

While most people are worried about next week or next month, we were talking 30 years from now and what we are going to do. The discussions we had will impact and shape the direction of where we go from now on. There was tremendous enthusiasm, we’ve never been better structurally and we’ve never had a better team of advisors. I’m talking about people outside of insurance and outside of National Agents Alliance. We’ve got guys like Jim Henson, Tim Goad, Barry Clarkson, John Roberts and Derek Steed! Just good, solid people and I love that they are part of our team!

It seems like this country has a shortage of true leaders right now, but we’re going to try to change that. We’re going to smoke them out, coach them up and develop the best people we can find. Through that leadership, we are going to take another step in mentoring people and families until we’re all better people.

My attitude has always been to be better today than you were yesterday and you are going to be fine. Will there be bad days? Of course, we’re all human. But if you are so good on great days, then your bad days to you will seem great to others. We will never be perfect, but we’re going to strive to be pretty dadgum good … every single day.

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