Albrights in the Big Apple!

Jane and I in New York City!

Jane and I in New York City!

My wife Jane and I got to take a trip back to New York City last week. I had gotten her the trip for Christmas because she had mentioned that she would love to go up there and shop with a personal shopper for three days.

There really is something special about being in New York City. There’s just this energy going on around you that you can’t put into words. It’s one of those “you had to be there” experiences.

Jane and I have been married for almost 24 years and there’s not a whole lot that she needs, so I have to get pretty creative to surprise her with gifts and presents. I think I did a good job this time because when she opened the box Christmas Day she was in tears … happy tears!

I clipped out different pictures and things to put in a five-page brochure and I typed up a letter saying what we would do on the trip and had some of the details for the amount of money she had to spend! She’s not one to splurge on things so I made sure she had to spend at least X dollars while we were there. So she opens the box and sees what I have planned for her and it was awesome to see her reaction. She was glad I remembered she wanted to do that and I think she was glad that I was going to go with her. I also put my calendar for 60 days in the box and had highlighted blocks of days when I was free to go. She picked out the dates and off we went.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, which is a magnificent hotel, and the first thing we did was get upgraded to a crazy suite … the biggest room I’ve ever stayed at in New York City. It snowed six inches while we were there and it was just beautiful, it was like something from a postcard and I loved every minute of it. We had three fabulous dinners and the last one was added because we got snowed in and had to stay another 16 hours.

Jane doesn’t need a lot of things because she has a lot of fun things. She’s got a car she loves, nice clothes and jewelry, etc. but I was not letting her go on this trip without treating herself to some of the really nice stuff at Bloomingdales.

This super nice woman named JoAnne was Jane’s personal shopper for the trip and she’s more accustomed to these nice clothes and shoes than Jane is. She was a great help to Jane and she threw out ideas that Jane probably wouldn’t have. That was the fun part. Just to see the surprise on Jane’s face when she put something together and getting to see Jane try different outfits on was great. She got some of the coolest clothes you could ever want and seeing her smile was awesome. What made it even better was when Jane actually took her up on some of the ideas!

She got some Prada shoes, some designer pants and all kinds of other French and Italian clothes that these designers are obviously proud of because they charge so much for them. Being able to get Jane this stuff put a big smile on my face. I got to watch Jane get pampered, which was exactly what I envisioned when I put the trip together. I sat back in a big lounge chair with a tall glass of ice water and watched JoAnne and Jane go to work. Watching Jane’s dreams come true as she shopped was my favorite part and it was worth every penny!

We had a blast spending time together and I hope that more of the ladies in our organization get to experience this one day with their husband too. Love you Jane! Hope you had a blast with me in New York City.

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