Are you accountable?

What does it mean to be accountable? It means you do what you say you are going to do.

It means you are who you say you are. This sounds easy, but it would shock you just how many people can follow this simple step. Do you follow this? Ask a trusted friend to tell you how well you are at following through on your promises. Do your actions reflect what you say to other people?

It’s important to be accountable for your actions, be it good or bad. When you do this, you become more committed to your goals. Being accountable requires being committed in all areas of your life. Not only must you work, you must also prepare FOR work.

Professional athletes dream of making to the top from an early age. That dream doesn’t just happen for them. They work for it. They train and exercise. They sacrifice crazy amounts of time, just to have a shot at the pros.

If you expect to be a leader in business, you have to have solid work habits. If you aren’t working hard, how can you expect others to do so? This goes for clients and co-workers. If you don’t follow through, people will lose confidence and trust in you. This loss of confidence, trust and accountability often leads to a loss of sales.

In the next 90 days, can you make a commitment to change your attitude and to hold yourself accountable for your actions and words?

If you can do this, you will find yourself in a position of strength, instead of a position of weakness. Your biggest enemy is your own mind. If you spend time thinking negatively, you will never find time to think positively. Commit and change. Be responsible for your actions. Rather than taking two steps forward and three steps back, reverse the downward spiral and make your life one of constant forward movement.

Do not lie to yourself. Set goals, but make sure your goals are logical and attainable. Don’t set impossible or unlikely goals for yourself that will force you to back off when you see those goals aren’t possible. Let your goals be like promises you make to yourself, and only make promises that you know you can keep.

Being able to keep promises you make is vital in business. It sounds great to a client when you promise them the moon and the stars, but when you fail to deliver you’ll have a big problem. Clients trust you. If you say you will deliver, then you better be able to. Don’t say things you really don’t mean. Don’t promise what you aren’t sure you can deliver. It hurts your self-confidence, because not only does the client see your lack of accountability, you see it too!

Start with small goals and develop character before you start talking about high goals or long-term goals. When you can deliver on small promises, you will start to see you can deliver more. Develop slowly by tackling goals you know you can handle. Find out what you can handle and raise the bar over time. Being accountable on small stuff will lead to handling bigger things.

Make yourself accountable for your life. Commit yourself to find the positive and eliminate the negative in your life. Your outlook WILL determine your outcome!

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