Are you coachable in your occupation?

People can change when they want to change. If you change fast, that indicates you want to change. If you change slowly, that indicates you do not want to change. Being “coachable” or teachable means that you want to change and you are willing to do it fast. You are looking for something better.

Finding people in your organization who want to change can make you look like a genius. You have to become a good “finder” of people and a good judge of character. People will give you credit for changing people, and all you did was find people who wanted to change.

For a long time, I was not teachable, and the change was a gradual one for me. I fought change until I was 35. Only then did I really start becoming successful. Had I not fought this, then I would have experienced success faster, instead of thinking I was smarter than everybody else.

How do I do this?

Speed up your growth. Be an accelerator. Time, money and emotion are invested resources. The longer it takes you to change, the more time, money and emotion you are wasting. Do you want results? Do you want to change your life for the better? If the answer is yes, be willing to make the necessary sacrifices, to change, to invest your time, money and emotions to achieve results. If you are teachable, you can change before your mistakes cause you pain.

People can always become better. They can always do more. A big part of that happening is their willingness to change and re-focus on objectives.

Consider that every time you steer off a correct path by one degree and continue on, you keep compounding the distance between the correct path and where you are going the longer you continue. Over days and weeks, that one degree takes you wider and wider of the path you should be on. In the short run, there is not much of a variation, but over time the difference between “right” and “wrong” will become greatly exaggerated.

With constant correction and guidance, you can correct the course. By watching what you are doing, and by listening to somebody who sees you getting off course, you can always make a correction. You have to be open to what a good mentor can show you, though. You have to be teachable, and willing to change your direction when necessary.

If you are teachable, it means that you are ready, willing and able to change. You must be ready to accept the challenge and sacrifices change demands. Can you get rid of the useless and harmful habits in your life — habits that do not lend themselves to you being successful?

Now is the best time to make a decision to change your life. The only thing holding you back is you. Develop that winning mindset deep within you. Find your passion, develop the drive and ambition to find success. How do I do this? You have to find the “why” or reason you want to change your life. Every person’s “why” is different, but finding what motivates you is the key.

Always look for means of self-improvement. Sometimes this means taking a step back and gathering your energies. Once you do that, set a game plan, begin with the end in mind, but then work that plan step by step. You can’t reach the top in one day. It is a process. If you have an instruction book telling you how to put something together, then why wouldn’t you follow it? If you try to put together a model plane without instructions, it’s likely you will be left holding spare pieces.

What keeps people from being teachable?

The biggest impediment to becoming teachable is the influence of other people. Associating with the wrong people can have a terrible impact on you and could be why you are not able to achieve your goals. Being around people that are negative and say things like “can’t,” “won’t” or “aren’t” is a bad idea. Those are not the people you need to be around. Find people that want you to be successful and spend time around them.

Take out a sheet of white paper and write down three names of people you need to spend more time around. Now, write down three names of people you need to spend less time around. Doing this will help you focus on finding positive people that want you to succeed in life. Get around those people as much as possible.

Get out of your comfort zone and change! Don’t be like I was in my 20s. Don’t be so smart that you prevent yourself from being successful. Break the chain. Make it a habit to be positive and speak positively to others. If you have been limited by other in the past, make a decision to break that cycle now. Learn to change and pass that along. Be teachable and then teach others.

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