Are you going to put the boom in the Fourth of July? shickyBOOM!

This is the day when we all celebrate the freedoms we all enjoy BUT DON’T ALWAYS take advantage of ! LIKE for example … THE freedom to WORK and accomplish stuff for our family!

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This is the day when Americans celebrate the birth of our nation.

This is the day when we all celebrate the freedoms we all enjoy BUT DON’T ALWAYS take advantage of ! LIKE for example … THE freedom to WORK and accomplish stuff for our family!

This is the day we embrace our ability to work as hard as we want to, our freedom to pursue any dream we choose and get fired up about being able to shoot off as many fireworks as we want without the cops coming by!

It’s also a day when a lot businesses are open: somebody has to work on the fourth of July. You’ve got to pay the bills, right? If we can’t pay our bills, then we have to keep working. What can you do? It happens! It is ALWAYS better to work smarter AND for some of us it is also SMART to work HARDER :-)! 

It’s the American way! It’s the American dream. Own your own business, pay your own bills, buy your own season tickets, take care of your family & your extended family. Reach in your pocket instead of holding out your hand and expecting others to help you! That’s independence on Independence Day!

SHICKYBOOM …. Scream it!


What a revelation!

Now … here’s the hard part: you have to work (hard & smart) and sell (hard & smart) to get that independence.

But Annnnndy, people will say, “why would you want to come see me on the fourth of July?”

I don’t know, try one of these: I’m broke, BUT !!! “I ain’t lazy,” because I make a whopping $8.10 per hour and I get time and a half on holidays or – here’s a good one – I don’t know, I just do what my boss tells me and I’m here to help you cover your family?!

Light that firecracker up and let it fly, and fire up your grill and throw some stomach-filling BBQ on and cook it up and have a big time doing it! 

NOW is the time. Don’t be scared. Take some action! 

YOU will never make a shot you don’t take.

It’s that mentality that keeps people on the porch. If you don’t leave the porch, your view will never change. I’m not saying jump off a cliff, but try to live a little bit when it makes sense.

DO the (R THING) – the right thing for your FAMILY…..

The 3 Rs or for PRIORTIES – what to do when!

1.      What is REQUIRED?

a.       What must I do that NOBODY can or should do for me?

2.      What gives me the GREATEST RETURN?

a.       What am I doing that can be done at least 80% as well as someone else?

3.      What brings the GREATEST REWARD?

a.       What energizes YOU?

YOU CHOOSE!!! YOU have to decide or it will be DECIDED for you :-)! 

Red, White and Blue … these colors don’t run, they ain’t afraid to work for what they get and they ain’t ashamed of it!

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  1. Bernie
    July 3, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    In my 20’s, I worked 100 hours a week to help my Mom’s small bakery after my Dad died.
    In my 30’s, I worked as a mechanic with no experience to support my wife and 4 girls and made over 85K
    Now in my 40’s, injured, no insurance and bankrupt. My wife and children want me to go to the park, and swim, and cook out this weekend…….I AM NOT!!!
    I will lock my self in my unfinished office and find a way to succeed and do it better then every, injured or not, with only a H.S. education, because thats what my father did, and thats what this country is about.

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