Are you living life like the carpenter?

Why do you love, serve and care? Not sure? Still thinking about it? It’s a big question that you need to answer to get what you want out of life.

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Why do you love, serve and care?

Not sure? Still thinking about it? It’s a big question that you need to answer to get what you want out of life.

My staff and I read Jon Gordon’s latest book “The Carpenter” about a month ago, and one of the main concepts of the book is the idea that by loving, serving and caring about people, you will, in return, be blessed and rewarded by pouring into others first.

So, ask yourself this: How do I help my team love deeper, serve greater and care more? I encourage you to pull out a sheet of paper and write the following sentence: I love, serve and care because ….

Now after starting that sentence, write down why you think you love, serve and care. You can even list the ways you think you love, serve and care for others. Gordon writes about this in his book and J the carpenter says when you can truly complete this sentence you will become “a powerful success builder.”

Once you know “WHY” you love, serve and care, you will start changing people’s outlook on things. You will change the way you see things. You will speak differently. You will interact with people differently. You will fill people up and you will be filled up in return. Simply put, you will be a difference maker in this world.

You can’t think about it in a way that is overwhelming. Instead, you think about doing this one person at a time. Every person you love, serve and care for will start adding up. Over time, it will become habit and you won’t even realize all the ways you are loving, serving and caring.

It’s about doing it daily with each person, in each moment and it will make a lasting impact I promise.

The key to doing this is to focus on how you are using your business to love, serve and care. Are you helping hoist people to higher levels? Are you truly building people up to where they start believing they can do anything they can think of? When others start believing in this concept, that’s when things can get crazy good for your life and your business.

Don’t focus on the end result because that will get you in trouble at times. Focus on the process. Focus on the little things you need to do in order to win. When you are “killing it,” remember what you were doing and keep doing that. Learn to embrace the process and keep loving, serving and caring as you move along.

I believe that everything in life is spiritual and that God is in control. One of the best lines in Gordon’s book comes in Chapter 32 when J the carpenter tells his buddy Michael “I know that I’m not a human being having a human experience. While I have a body, it is my soul and spirit that power me.”

Are you approaching your work as though it is an experience and not a chore or a grind? You are a spiritual being having the human experience!!!

Your work should be a reflection of the very best within you. You were put on Earth to do great things, but you have to remember that your spirit and soul should be what helps define what you build. Your work, effort and labor should be a mirror of the very best things inside of you.

When you learn to help others build their business, your business will grow as a result. When you help others improve, you will improve. When you help a person on your team, you will get better. You whole life will be better because of all these things.

It’s been said that you aren’t really a success unless you are helping others find success too. Success, it seems, was meant to be shared with others. Live your life in a way that you are able to share it with your family, your friends and your business associates.

Don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop living.

Take actions to create the life you want to live by continually loving, serving and caring for others. Figure out why you do this and keep pushing to do it more in every way. Do it every single day and you will be rewarded.

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