Are you reading?

Whether you read one chapter a day or one page a day, you must read. It’s not optional for successful people.

There is too much information at your fingertips not to continue learning. Even if you are at the top of your occupation, you still don’t know everything.

An old wise man once said that “all the secrets of the universe were once kept in libraries that only an elite few could access. With access to these secrets, the elite few dominated the world.”

Today, books are where you are. On shelves, on iPads, Kindle’s, iPhones, BlackBerry, etc. You have no reason not to read something daily. Trade publications, newspapers, books … just read!

Anybody can access them. However, the wise man is right. Those who take advantage of that “access” by reading will succeed over those who do not. The choice is yours. Choose to read!

When you open a book, you should learn something new. If you are having trouble getting started, try tearing out a single page and taking it with you during your day. When you have a break during your day, pull it out and read it. It is illegal to tear up money, but there is nothing illegal about tearing up a book that you own. At first, it will feel odd because we are not accustomed to tearing up books. As children, we are taught not to tear up or mark in books. Put away those childish ways.

Also, if you are not accustomed to reading, it will feel odd for your brain to receive information from a source other than the television or radio. Even if it is just for 15 to 20 minutes a day, you should be reading! You have to read! Whatever it takes, start reading.

If you read a book or an article that you find useful. Don’t forget it. Over time, it’s fine to read things over and over again. If it puts you back in the right mindset, that’s what you should do.

If you read something a second time and want to highlight parts of the book, use a different color highlighter so you can see what stood out each time you read the chapter, book, article, etc.

Successful people usually are avid readers. They read everything from books to billboards and advertisements. They also read information they can find on their competition! Reading puts you ahead of the curve. Allow books to become your mentors, help your business, increase your knowledge and use that knowledge to improve your position in business.

If I could suggest one book to read outside of my “8 Steps to Success” it would be “Read and Grow Rich” by Burke Hedges. It talks all about the importance of reading. I encourage you to get it and start reading it today!


If I want people in my organization to be successful in business, I “trick” them into reading. Yes, I am willing to trick people into becoming smarter and more successful!

If I see somebody consistently making the same mistakes, I can handle it in one of two ways. I can tell them directly and forcibly, possibly jeopardizing the relationship, or I can point to a book that will convey the same message in a way more likely to be accepted and appreciated. That is my trick.

The book is dispassionate, but it can light a fire under them and cause them to change for the better. I like to get people fired up, and one way to do that is to get people to read success stories and motivational books.

A book’s ideas or message can change your thought patterns and your success in business and life. I have seen people read just the right book they needed and it sets them on fire. They are enthusiastic and energized and their production takes off.

Reading gets your brain moving rapidly, page after page, and helps you build momentum. Books can change your mindset and that can make all the difference in the world for you professionally and personally.

I have a suggested reading list of books that I have read time and time again. You can check it out at

I hope you will review my list and start reading!

3 thoughts on “Are you reading?

  1. Vicky

    This is so true! I used to read a lot and then I became preoccupied with other things that does mean a hoot! Thank you Andy, I needed to be put back in the lane and NOT veering off of the side of the road.

  2. Xan Cook

    Thank you for the reminder!, Andy‼️I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to read. One of my tricks is putting on my SCHEDULE everyday!
    If my schedule says to read, then I must read‼️

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