Atlanta was fun, we just landed in Burlington … here we go!

Guys, Atlanta was rocking last night, but we had to jump on a plane this morning to head back to the Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C. for the final War Party this week. Orlando was amazing. Atlanta was incredible. However, I think Burlington will be the biggest and best War Party yet.

Our plane just landed and we are heading to NAA’s campus in our new “American Ride.” It’s awesome! I wanted to get one more video out before my live show today. Watch it after you read this below.

It just keeps getting “gooder and gooder.”

NAA headquarters is already buzzing from what I’ve heard and there might be so many people there that we have to let people watch from other parts of the office.

Guys, I don’t know how else to say it: This is the right place … this is the right time … YOU just got to go do the work. It’s as simple as that. Are you willing to do what others don’t or won’t.

The War Parties are a lot like our national events where thousands show up. The difference is that you get closer to more of our top people in an intimate setting that is hard to find at any other organization.

We are finding out where the next wave of leaders are with these events, we’re seeing new superstars coming on board and it’s going to get crazy.

Make sure you are watching The Wednesday Call today at 12:30 ET. I’m going to make a big announcement and I don’t want you to miss out. You can watch at

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One thought on “Atlanta was fun, we just landed in Burlington … here we go!

  1. John DeShaw

    Love the short video travelog style coaching you do for us all. Keeps the connection over the miles. Thanks.

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