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Getting everybody doing it

My biggest wish when I tell people to do something is … that they DO it fully. I’m not talking about only new people and not just licensed people … everybody.

It’s not just one or two people, tell everybody that there is a buffet, and all are welcomed to fill up a plate. Don’t just squirrel away the information. You get your people on and YOU make sure they are doing the same. It’s not just you doing it, it is the team doing it. The numbers explode when people do this.

When everybody starts running the play, then you amplify all our efforts and we all do more than if we are just trying to move the world on our own.

Geting Everyone Doing ItIf you are asked to do something and you do it, good. If you don’t in turn tell your people to do the same, bad. What would happen if I told 50 people to do something and then they got 50 more to do it and then those 50 got 50 more to do it. Boom yow!!!

This is one of the basic things that can separate just being average from being great at what you do. Can you work at communicating a message to the point where it’s not only received and processed, but the people hearing it then know to get others to do the same? When this trickle down or snowball concept takes hold then you start seeing “big things” happen for you and the people around you.

What does it take to move people to take action?

What does it take to have impact when you communicate?

How can I get my great ideas implemented?

To lead an effective team you have to get everyone moving and eventually in the same direction. But left to their own accord, people will naturally do it their way, go it alone or – YIKES – do nothing!

Many entrepreneurs think that a good idea or great compensation is enough to get the people moving and that’s not exactly true. When you get them making money and operating at their optimum level then they are more likely to buy into what the team is working toward.

Is it easy? Heck no! Is it worth it when it starts happening? Absolutely. YES!

It takes hard work and constant communication. The simple way is to go to each person and talk to them to make sure they know the why and how of the goal. It also takes inspiring people or they probably won’t move. The problem with talking to everyone is that it takes forever and it is rarely scalable. That is why duplication is critical.

To be efficient at this process, you must learn to use communication tools across the board. Writing, talking, video, etc. Do it with high-powered emotion to the masses at one time. The hard part is to convince people to do it. When you communicate correctly to people it will work.

The most important thing a leader can do is to make sure his team knows the goal – be it big or small.

Get everybody contributing. Overcoming challenges could be as simple as making sure each person on the team has a task to work on. Create a place where you allow people to have physical, emotional and social well-being. Books, audios and the right association with people helps this!

Be exciting. People like being in exciting environments. They have more fun and are more engaged in what they are doing. Recognize successes. Core things matter like fear. Help them overcome it!

Have faith in people and teach them to act out of faith and not fear. Make sure you are giving them hope for a better tomorrow than today.

How to survive and thrive through struggles


The 3 S’s of life are the focus.

Fear will stop you from doing things. Faith will get you started. When you have faith and believe in something, it actually gets you rolling when you set out to accomplish something. When you have faith you are obligated to “do.”

I want to tell you about the 3 S’s that can help you in life.


Survival, Success and Significance

Survival is having shelter over your head. It is having food on your table. It is having enough money to cover your bills each month. When you are in survival mode, you are getting by and trying to do the best you can. People in this mode are truly surviving. It’s tough. It takes energy and work. People in this mode are thinking a lot and spending a lot of hours pondering stuff. If you are in this mode, YOU have to go through it. You can’t get to success without going through survival mode. You can also get stuck in survival mode and never figure out how to get out of it. Here’s a secret: it takes work to get out of survival mode and you can’t quit.

To get to success and significance, you have to get through survival. You have to be focused and work at it, but you can get through survival mode. Success says what is in it for me, while significance is about what is in it for others and helping people. If you make the mistake of thinking everything is about you then you are in trouble. This type of thinking is like kryptonite to Superman. It will prevent you from having a life of significance. A lot of people think significance is social status, the car you drive, the home you live in, your watch, job title, bank balance, pretty woman or man at their side, etc. These people think if they have enough, they feel good. Or, they tell themselves when I get this or that I will be fulfilled or happy. NO! It will never be that way. That will not make you happy or fulfilled. Significance is when you are giving and helping others.

To get out of survival into success, you have to take your talents or your income and use it for good. You can’t hoard it all away and not use it to make an impact. When you start doing good deeds for others to make a positive impact, then you will see it reward you in ways you never thought possible. When I went from survival to success, I got happy. Really, really happy. The danger is that you “taste” a little of the success sauce and you get complacent.


Listen, we live in a microwave world where patience is very short. Success doesn’t happen overnight. The sooner you realize that and set about working on the task at hand, the better off you will be. Accept that and get to work. Life will be easier if you can digest that and move on. People in survival mode will stay there until they are ready to change their circumstances. Change happens when you keep learning, reading books, listening to audios and associating with the right people.

When I have no problems in my life, it is when I am helping other people be successful. You have to have something before you can give anything away. Fulfillment does not exist if you are self-centered about life. People ask me why don’t you retire, why not quit, why keep going and doing? Let me tell you why. I love, LOVE what I “do!” Because I continue helping others, I enjoy the privileges too. It enables me to go on trips around the world, buy the concert and sports tickets that I want and enjoy life.

What do I love?

I LOVE seeing others get it too!

How can I shift my focus from me to thee (others)? Let me give you five items to help you with that question. This is about taking yourself from a life of success to a life of significance.

Develop THANKS

The first step to help you is to develop thanks for those that help you. Develop thanks for other people. Develop thanks for people that have helped you along the way. It will help you if you take the time to write these people down on a sheet of paper. List out how you have been helped and how you have helped. Think about it. No person gets to be successful without getting help along the way. It is important that you think about those people and that you are thankful for all they did for you. It can be as simple as being thankful for your mother birthing you and keeping you fed and clothed as you grew up. Be grateful for what you have, not bitter about what you don’t have. Really think about what people have done for you. Think about what people will do for you, and think about what you can do too. Who do you appreciative? Who helped you get to where you are in life? Who do you think you owe based on what they’ve done for you in the past? Operate from a place of gratitude and make a list of the people you are thankful for in your life.

Get to know people’s stories

Everybody has a story. They might not realize it, but it is true. Make it a point to get to know other people’s history and story. If you dig deep enough, every single person is interesting. You probably spend hours a day or week on pointless television. Talk to people more. Give up some TV time. I promise you that learning a person’s story is better than TV. It is real life. If you take the time to get to know a person, you will learn how you can be a helper. You can figure out how you can help people by doing this.

I would much rather invest my time into people in my life than on a family that is on a reality TV show. I would rather live MY reality than to watch other people on TV. Ask people questions to learn more about them. Focus on the person you are talking to and learn their story. Ask about their family. Find out how their life has unfolded up to this point. Listen, ask questions and learn about people. The more you know about a person, the more you can figure out how you can be helpful to them. Listen and ask. Learn the stories. Memorize the stories.

People want to tell their story and YOU have to show them you want to know more by listening. It is happening in The Alliance. We are hearing people’s stories at our HotSpots meetings and at events at the corporate office. We are seeing people take on an attitude of gratitude. Our team wants to help each other and it is contagious. Are you catching it?

Put yourself in other people’s shoes

Can you put yourself in another person’s shoes? Can you ask yourself, “If I was this person, what would I do or how would I feel?” Can you imagine what another person is going through? When you are talking to people, please think about the other person before you judge or comment on a situation.

I heard a great story about a magician in a restaurant entertaining patrons. The magician was doing well and people were laughing at his tricks. However, one couple tripped him up. The magician walked up to a man eating with his wife and asked if he would like to see a magic trick. The man politely said yes, but that it wasn’t possible because he was blind. The magician was pretty much embarrassed. He was not paying attention enough to see the man was obviously blind. He was focused on his audience. After thinking for a minute, the magician told the couple if they came back another time that he would be prepared to have a trick that catered to a blind person.

The next week the couple returned to see the magician. With a simple deck of cards, the magician asked the wife to inspect the cards to make sure they were normal cards. She confirmed it was a normal deck of cards. The magician told the blind man to simply tell him whether each card he turned over was red or black. The magician turned one card over and the blind man correctly called it red. He got the next card right … and the next one too. The magician went through the entire deck and the blind man correctly picked the color of every card. You can imagine the amazement of the blind man’s wife. The blind man and the wife were very grateful to the magician.

So, how did the blind man get the color of each card correct? When the magician was explaining what he wanted the blind man to do, he tapped the blind man’s left foot when he said to pick red and he tapped his right foot when he said black. He then held the blind man’s hand and asked him if he understood. The blind man squeezed the magician’s hand letting him know that he knew how the magic trick worked. When they let the wife in on the trick, the couple laughed and thanked the magician. Now, the blind man and his wife could entertain friends and family with their new magic trick.

The magician intentionally put himself in the shoes of the blind man so he could figure out how to help him enjoy a magic trick. He made the effort to help the man understand how they could “trick” people in to thinking the man had magical powers to predict what each color the card. It meant the world to the blind man because he felt special and he was thankful the magician took the time to make him feel special. When you know the answer life is easier. That’s when the magic happens. The blind man didn’t have the answer the first time he saw the magician, but once he knew how the trick worked it was easy. You can’t get anywhere without help in life. It is NOT telling a person what to do. It is thinking as if you were the other person. You are more predicting and being interested in people. You are educating or nudging a person in a direction. You are talking to them to help you understand where they are or what circumstances they are facing in their life.

Put their goals above your own goals

How often do you think of what other people want instead of focusing on your desires? Try to put others’ goals above your own. Think them instead of me. How can I give to others? What can I do to help a person get what they want?

Can you think …

Give vs. Get

Sow vs. Reap

Thee vs. Me

Focus on Give, Sow and Thee instead of Get, Reap and Me.

How do we think about their goals first? How do we get them successful in their mind? Find out what the other person wants. Encourage them. Help them draw it out on paper. Memorize what they want and think about how you can help them get it.

Win as a team

Do you think team or we instead of me? Work hard to focus on the team instead of yourself. When you do things together it is more fun than being alone in your journey. You will be more significant when you operate with the team in mind. Think WE not me!

Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said, “Selfishness is the greatest challenge for a coach. Most players are more concerned with making themselves better than the team.”

Only thinking about yourself is not good for the team. You have to think about what is best for the whole team. How do you lose yourself for the betterment of the team? What can you do to help the team? When you think team first, everybody benefits. The team concept leads us to people that matter because they make a difference.

If you can do those five things, you can move from survival over to significance.

Lastly, please be grateful to others. This gives us a platform for people to change. Gratitude is not purchased, it is just imagined. There is never a lack of money, but there is a lack of imagination. If you are committed, you will find a way to get what you want. If you want to change the world, you are probably going to have to change YOU. We all wish the circumstances would change, but how many of us actively change to help improve the situation? Don’t be tempted to try to change everybody.

Travel within before you travel without! Be an agent of change by changing YOU. Get it changed to be the agent of change. People change when they want to, but not when we want them to change. Be patient and forgiving … to yourself and to other people. Be nice. It’s that simple.

Put yourself in a position to change, by being in the middle of the most awesome peer pressure you can get around. Read books, listen to great audios, get around the sharpest people you can associate with and talk to people.

When you are able to change yourself, you will be able to help other people change too. When you change, you can tell them what helped you move from where you were to where you are. Give them examples of what you did that helped you change. Tell them the stories you know to be true of other people who are successful that changed their circumstances. Put yourself in the right position and then encourage other people to do the same.

You have choices


A lot of people don’t consider this, but let me explain a big concept to you: Every opportunity you have in life isn’t always the right or best thing for you to do.

Seriously? Yes! Believe it or not, you have choices in life!

It’s hard to believe, but some people don’t know that you get to decide. Did you know that? You get to make choices about what you are doing and where you are going. You get to pick.

You Have Choices

Every decision is a decision. Every non-decision is actually a decision. Everything you do or don’t do is a decision. When my phone rings and I look down, I either take the call or I don’t. Either way, I’ve made a decision. I think about it and I either act or don’t. Regardless, my action or lack of action is a decision.

Maybe you want to go to a meeting. On this particular night, your wife and family want you to do something at home and you are left with a choice. Now, you have to decide what is the right thing to do. Maybe you aren’t sure what to do, so you go to the meeting because you couldn’t decide. That was a decision.

People think that is confusing. I have to get up and do stuff. That’s how you become successful. You get up and do things. You get things accomplished. When people see you doing that they react differently to you. They see you doing stuff and it gives them a pull.

People react to courage and they follow people that make courageous decisions to go no matter what. People that stay up a little later and get up a little earlier. Now, is making phone calls courageous? YES!!! Why? It is because you call people up and they tell to never call them again. You stay calm and keep talking like a warrior in battle as bullets are flying by with chaos all around them. Some people call that dumb. I call it being dumb enough to make it big. You just have to take it and move on. No big deal. Just making calls and trying to help people.

People will try to influence you in a negative way. It might even be loved ones or your family. It could be neighbors or whoever, but you make the decision to keep doing and moving forward. Decide to do what you have to do and try to get their thinking out of your head. That’s courageous.

How about the decision to be committed or to be uncommitted? You are one of the two. You can control it. It’s one of the two. You are committing to something no matter what. I try to pick a direction I’m going and get after it.

When I decide something ahead of time I tend to follow through on it. If I tell myself I’m going to read tonight then I will probably do it. If I tell people that I’m going to read, I’m more likely to do it. If I book a flight, then I’m probably not going to miss the flight. I’ve spent time and money, so I’ve got skin in the game and I’m going to make my flight. See, there’s a price to pay for everything. It could be money, sleeping less, etc. You have to ask yourself this: What are you trying to accomplish? Decide that and get focused on that.

I’ve told many of you how to make excuses when you are dealing with people that are trying to get you off track. You can say things like, “I’m sorry but I have a previous engagement.” You have to learn how to put off or delay dumb actions. Put off or find ways to avoid associating with people that are doing the wrong things, have poor attitudes and pathetic relationships. Put it off. Say things like, “How about next week? I’m tied up this week.”

How long do you do this? How about forever! At least put it off until later, so that you don’t have to do it now.

Here’s a common situation: couple is married and the wife wants the husband to stay at home all the time and still make money. The husband doesn’t want to do that. Instead of compromising, they get a divorce! What the heck? Can we not find a solution to this and do something in between those two extremes?

Here’s another one: Let’s say an uncle dies and you are trying to decide if you are going to the funeral. What if you weren’t close to him and hadn’t seen him in years? Are you going to drive a pretty good distance, take food, cry, mourn, etc.? Other people might say don’t go, don’t think about them and don’t care about the family. Can we meet somewhere in the middle? It doesn’t have to all the way left or all the way right. Hey, could we send a gift and pray for them. Could we call them? Could we go to the funeral and then come back home right after? There are options in the middle that are better solutions than the crazy extremes. The key is that you are in control of the decision. Don’t let others decide for you.

I ask people if they would go to a meeting in another part of the country every week, hire people and help them get started with The Alliance? They say, “No! I’m not going up there.” Hey, can we do something in the middle instead? Maybe run an ad and go one time? It doesn’t have to be the extremes. Can you control what you do and avoid the extremes? You’ve got choices and options. Think it through. Think about the worst-case scenario and the best-case scenario … look at the options in between those too.

What you can control is more than you realize. What you can control impacts your future and your life more than you think. During those hyped-up moments, work on making decisions that are good for the rest of your life. If you can get good at making decisions and focusing on the outcome, then your life will be a whole lot easier.

Stay committed or stay uncommitted. You get to pick. You get to choose. I have to make decisions all the time. If I didn’t, I would start going backward. Get your mind in a positive place and start making better decisions to do better things in your life. Deciding to take better actions will change your whole life.

I know this: you either have reasons or results. People think I’m talking about excuses. No! I’m talking about legitimate reasons or legitimate results. It’s that simple.

The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing


We all face obstacles or what I like to call challenges. Hey, that’s what life is: a series of challenges. It happens every day. When you are facing something or you have a problem you are dealing with, you can do three simple things to help find a solution.

Maybe you want something. Maybe you are about to lose something. Either way, there are three things you must do. This is simple and it will change your life.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Those three things will make all the difference in the world. When you’re in a situation, you’ve got a project you need to accomplish, when you are upside down and somebody’s on you, when you are facing insurmountable odds, those three things are what you need to always think about.

Whatever it is, you use those three things and it will help tremendously. This is big and life changing even though it sounds simple.

That’s how I think and that’s how I operate. I check my thinking by asking people. I find something in a book that applies to what I’m dealing with and trying to accomplish. I figure out what action or move can I do right now that will help me in that moment.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Please notice that I don’t focus on what I can’t do. That kills momentum. You can’t think like that.

Every second counts. Not every minute, but every split second. You don’t have time to think about what you CAN’T do. It’s what CAN I do.

Can you go to your calendar and see what you have going on? Can you open up a book and read a little? Can you use prayer to help? Can you do ANY of that?

Ask yourself this: Who has done what you are trying to get done before you that you can call and get advice from? Do you know somebody who knows that person? Do you know a person who has seen it happen before? Can you call them? What can you do? Do you know a smart person who has dealt with a lot of stuff before that can help you?

What can you do? Let’s get on it.

I have never had a situation where reading a book didn’t help. It 100 percent helps to read things in books. There are answers in books. People call me all the time and they are very upset about different things. Life is tough sometimes and I understand that. We all have challenges we are dealing with. Our first move is to calm down and talk it out. One great way to help the situation is by using books to address the problem and work through it.

You are not in a thinking position. You are in an emergency position, a goal-setting program where you are trying to hit the mark. The best way to fix the problem is by thinking about what you can do, what book can you read and who can you call. That’s how you can get from the situation you are in to where you want to be.

 The three steps to fix the challenges you are facing

Start using these three simple questions to help you move in the direction or position you desire.

Are you taking the Haystack Challenge?

HayStackChallenge-300x224If you’ve listened to a conference call or The Wednesday Call recently, then you’ve certainly heard me talking about the Haystack Challenge.

Why is something so simple so important to your success with The Alliance? The simple act of making dials to earn those haystacks will determine what your income will be this year and in years to come.

In 1837, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “It is very hard to be simple enough to be good.”

Mr. Emerson probably had no idea that his words still remain true to this day. If you can do the mundane act of pressing the numbers in your phone, wait for people to answer and then talk to them, you will see it pay off almost immediately.

How do I complete the Haystack Challenge? There are a couple of rules, but it’s about as simple as anything I’ve ever rolled out. You get a mark for dialing or calling leads, recruits and your downline. Leaving a voice mail does count. You DON’T get a mark for calling your upline, your crossline, your drinking buddy from high school or any relative that doesn’t understand what you do.

NOTE: You can’t have other people dialing for you either. I’ve had people ask about letting staff make dials for this game. This is a challenge for YOU … not them. Now, you can encourage them to play the game too. YOU make the dials! They make the dials. The Challenge is for everyone!

Now, the fifth time you make a dial you get to do a cross mark that gives you your first haystack. It’s really about making a series of sets of five calls at a time. When you start tracking this, you want to make a series of 10 haystacks across a sheet of paper. That’s 50 calls.

After that, I want you to drop down and make a series of nine haystacks. That’s 45 calls.

Drop another line and crank out eight haystacks. That’s 40 more calls.

Keep going!

Seven haystacks. Six haystacks. Do it until you get done with that final haystack. You’ve just made 275 phone calls in that given week! You’ve also just successfully completed the Haystack Challenge for the week.

Do YOU think you can make 275 phone calls this week? I believe that YOU can!

This challenge is very simple. However, you have to make the effort to complete it every week. There will be times when you don’t want to make one more call and you are going to have to remind yourself that you can’t start a haystack and not get it complete. That’s an easy tip to make you keep pushing yourself. We say, “Don’t leave a Haystack hanging!” Make one call, then make enough for a complete Haystack.

Here’s another tip: Figure out what you are going to give up in order to make more haystacks. I’ve heard of people not watching sports as much. Maybe you stop watching your favorite show. The key is to make the time to complete the haystack challenge every single week, and let the less important stuff NOT get done.

Make that your goal today! This week you can do it. Just keep making haystacks!

The Power of Association

Many of you reading this attended our National Convention in Raleigh on Jan. 23-25. I want to congratulate you on planning and making the effort it took for you to be there to “associate” with The Alliance.

Association is one of the key ingredients to you being successful in 2015, and you took the first step by being “In The Hunt” at NatCon. When you hang around people that have the same dreams or goals as you do, you are only going to raise the bar higher as you continue to improve and learn from others. Continue reading

Are you living life like the carpenter?

Why do you love, serve and care?

Not sure? Still thinking about it? It’s a big question that you need to answer to get what you want out of life.

My staff and I read Jon Gordon’s latest book “The Carpenter” about a month ago, and one of the main concepts of the book is the idea that by loving, serving and caring about people, you will, in return, be blessed and rewarded by pouring into others first. Continue reading

Making a difference for young entrepreneurs at N.C. State University

When I graduated from North Carolina State University in 1986, I wanted to come back one day and make a difference for young people on campus.

My wife, Jane and I HAD THAT DREAM COME TRUE with the grand opening of the Andy and Jane Albright Entrepreneurs Village at Innovation Hall on Sept. 2. in Raleigh, N.C. Continue reading