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UPDATE: In 2014, I wrote a blog about being a Chief Reminder Officers for people in your life. I also wrote about this topic in my book “Inside The Circle,” which was first released in 2017. This is a topic that I take seriously. We all need to help each...

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UPDATE: In 2014, I wrote a blog about being a Chief Reminder Officers for people in your life. I also wrote about this topic in my book “Inside The Circle,” which was first released in 2017. This is a topic that I take seriously. We all need to help each in terms of coaching and being accountable with our time, tasks and behaviors. I want to write a little more on this topic, so I hope you enjoy reading the updated version on this subject.

To be an effective Chief Reminder Officer (CRO), you have to first execute your own schedule and follow through on what you say you are going to do. When people only talk and take no action, others eventually see through the talk and focus on the lack of activity.

In order to be a CRO, you have to first get results yourself. When others see you following through and completing what you say you are going to do then they will listen to you and take advice from you.

Once you become effective at managing your own time and schedule, then you can really coach others to do the same. Having great teammates around you is a critical part of being successful.

When leaders are able to empower other people to GSD (Get Stuff Done), they are playing the role of a CRO by reminding a person what is important and what they should be focused on. It is amazing how you can help a person do more than they think they can do. Your encouragement can make all the difference in the world in terms of success and failure. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t underestimate the power of positive words. You might deliver the simplest message in the world at the perfect time when a person is on the brink of giving up.

Here’s even better news to learn: leaders need CROs in their life too! I have great coaches around me, and I have them close by because they help me stay focused on what is important. Often times, I need to hear a friendly reminder of what I need to be working on. A small, slight tweak in my thinking can take a project that is teetering and give it the jet fuel needed to take off quickly.

Maybe you don’t have access to a leader that you respect. That’s when you can access them through books, blogs, podcast, etc. These coaches are busy too, so if the best option is to get coaching from them through their resources then that’s what you do. There’s a number of people I’ve never met who coach me because I consume their content in any possible way I can get it.

I’ve been blessed to also spend time around some of the best CROs on the planet. I love people like John C. Maxwell, Jon Gordon, Brian Tracy, etc. They have all helped me over the years. I try to serve as a CRO to people as much as I can when my schedule allows me the chance to do so.

Eventually, you will reach a point when you start to hear other people’s voices in your head as you start to tackle a project. This normally happens when you have heard a message repeatedly until it is almost like a trained habit you have adopted over time. It’s great when this happens, but it is always nice to hear a trusted voice to reinforce what you think you should be doing.

People like to know they are on track. Be that voice that encourages others to keep pushing for what you want, even when that person is thinking about quitting. The difference you can make to others should be very important to you.

Here’s what I wrote on this subject back in 2014 …

Part of being a leader is reminding people what they should be working on and doing constantly. All leaders are Chief Reminder Officers.

It sounds simple and silly, but ask yourself if you are actively practicing this?

Are you doing it every single day? You can’t do it once because people are human … they forget things.

We all need to be reminded that we matter and the work we do matters: it all makes a difference to YOU and to those you encounter. We need to encourage people on a regular basis. People will appreciate you reminding them of important things because that shows that you care.

Are you asking about …

Getting referrals?

Using the ATM?

Finding Safe Money?

Running and attending HotSpots?


Those are the things people need to be reminded to do consistently.

Doing all those things move you toward becoming a CRO and it builds Natural or Normal Personal Relationships (NPR). NPR involves having normal conversations not selling a person from word go. Are you checking and confirming basics? Think about the pitching coach making a visit to his pitcher on the mound during a baseball game. What do you think they are talking about? Basics! He’s telling the pitcher to keep it low and inside, where it’s tougher to hit it hard. He’s not breaking down the physics of the throwing motion. He’s calming his guy down and giving him basic reminders.

As a leader and CRO, you are actively helping people do things that make them love their work and life. People that love what they do live better lives. If you can master doing things consistently, your Return On Investment will go through the roof. You being a great CRO will lead to your teammates wanting to do more to help you. We all need a team to perform for and with … that’s why it’s called a team. Together we can all do more. When everybody is doing things consistently, the sense of purpose drives the performance to a level people never thought possible.

A good leader is measured by how well he or she gets people to perform. Reminding people of why what they do matters is a key component in forming a winning team. Make it part of YOUR job to be a leader and Chief Reminder Officer … Start NOW!

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  1. Jake Crause
    Jake Crause
    August 10, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    Thank you for this great post Andy. This came at just the right time for me.

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