Be an Encourager

I’m reminded constantly by the world around me that people need and want to be encouraged. Even the best at what they do seek praise. It’s human nature to want to do a good job and to be recognized when you go above and beyond expectations.

It’s also very easy to forget to encourage those we encounter daily … even if it’s people we work with! That’s crazy. I want to urge each and every one of you reading this blog to remember to encourage others every single day.


We can all get better at this!


In my company, we have our Agency Building Task Force, which helps us coach and mentor agents across the United States. They are there to encourage and build up our team. They can be people just getting started or they can be veteran agents that are racking up sales weekly. Either way, WE all need to be encouraged for our efforts.

That is WHY I exist – what else would my job be …?

Well it could be this below …

Determine WHY people are not selling:

a. They are not encouraged
– Encourage them

b. They are TERRIBLE talent
– Find better talent

c. They have distractions in their life
– HELP them recognize and eliminate distractions

How do we help EACH one?

HOW do we find ones that don’t need as much help?

These questions remind me of why I have read all the books listed in my book, “The 8 Steps to Success” – over and over and over again.

I learn the material in BOOKS like:

“Psychology of Persuasion” … because I need to persuade and TEACH people to persuade DAILY!

“The Magic of Thinking BIG” … because people are thinking too small!

“The Common Denominator to Success” … because people think success is more complicated than it really is – this takes away excuses

NOW – read them … FAST

– PRACTICE what you learn – YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES – Who cares?

The thing I DO CARE about – is that YOU take ACTION

Let’s ROCK!

2 thoughts on “Be an Encourager

  1. Hugh A Turner

    I can say how encouraging it is to work with Stephen & Kevin Davies, Craig Sheppard – they have always been honest with me about things holding back my business but always encouraging me to see the good qualities.
    I try to pay this forward by encouraging those I work with highlighting their strength once I recognize them or they are pointed out to me, so that they too can feel inspired.
    Since working with NAA it has become a habit of looking at name tags and using those names no matter where I go.
    Andy, I will be taking your advise to keep reading more and reading fast and importantly making more mistakes in 2013 so that I can find and fix what is needed to make that a better year for our team!!

  2. Brad

    Yes. Randy Graetz is a great encourager and so is Fitz.
    I so enjoy working with the Christian people in this organization, they all understand the importance of what Paul tells us to edify each other. It’s not just a good thing to do, it’s actually a biblical principle and one could say requirement. We have an awesome opportunity everywhere we go to encourage people.
    It doesn’t even have to be a big thing.
    Using a persons name in a conversation. Whenever I go to Walmart I always use the employees name. I know that working in Walmart is not the best paying salary and it can be depressing and in some stores even oppressive. The look in peoples faces and the twinkle in their eye when I use their name is priceless. It pays back because it makes me feel wonderful to see someone go from depressed looking to being chipper and happy when I have been around them.

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