Begging You To Remember The Past

As time goes on it can get tougher and tougher to remember the past, especially the hard times. You have to work to remember how it felt before you climbed out of the ditch to get back on track!

We are all guilty of blocking out things we don’t want to remember because it can make us sad, depressed, angry, etc. Many of us don’t want to remember experiences that were unpleasant and even painful.

However, we need to remind ourselves of those times so that we do not take our current and future opportunities for granted. I’m not suggesting you think about it so much that you revert to old behaviors, but rather use those ugly memories to keep you motivated and focused on what you are doing now.

Why do we need to reflect and remember the past?

It will help us to …

See how far we’ve come

Remember goodness

Remember God’s grace

Help discipline our strength when we are test or put in stressful situations.

Guys, looking back can help move you forward. It is so important to understand that.

Your past is part of your history. However, it is not going to determine where you go in the future.

I can remember some challenges and struggles in my past. I still remember them often, and I try to laugh about it now, even though it was tough to go through it back then.

Here is great news. I believe that you have not reached your full potential and your best is coming in the near future. If you can spend you days knowing you are still on the way to the top then I predict great things are going to happen for you. Every single day is another opportunity to do great things and to help people who have big goals and dreams.

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts or about to do something that isn’t in your best interest, please remember the past and let it be a motivator for you to stay on track.

Be grateful for the many blessings we have in life. When you wake up and stand up, be thankful for God allowing you another shot to something big. Do not take each day for granted, when you know that others are less fortunate than you.

Remember that your past is part of the journey that led you to where you are now. Your past does not define you, but it is part of your history – good and bad. Be confident in the direction you are headed, and always remember the past and use it to your advantage in all things you do.

Don’t be afraid to tell other people your story. Part of your story is your past as unpleasant as it might be for you to share with other people. Know that by being willing to share your past with others, you are empowering them to do the same thing too. You will be amazed by how much you will help other people by sharing your past and being transparent with them. Lastly, remember that your past is your past. It is not your life now. It is not your future. It happened and the moment is gone. It is still important to remember and I encourage you to use it to help propel you toward your goals and dreams.

2 thoughts on “Begging You To Remember The Past

  1. April Dirks

    You took me back to times that were tough. I never want to feel those things again. Also do not want to settle for “good”. Thank you for believing in us. In our personal journeys and futures.

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