Building a Sales Team Deliberately and Simply Part 2

The goal is to break down the elements that a person needs to do into baby-steps or tiny bites. 

You have heard the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? …One bite at a time!” Well, if you can carve up the elephant in tiny, bite sized amounts and lay it out on a buffet to a new person, they can bite and eat, bite and eat, so that at least you are not the crimp in the pipeline.

However, if you give a person a baby elephant to eat all at one time, you have created the crimp. If you can chop it into  tiny little pieces and they pick and choose what to eat real fast, you can rock and roll. 

So, for example, if I am getting started with you, and you are not licensed, and you are a friend of mine, I might say, “Hey, do you have internet service?” See how quickly and how simply I broke that down? “Do you have Internet access? Go to the computer, sit down, log on, here’s a web address. Get your credit card out, sign up for your licensing for life and health.” 

Do you see how I am breaking it down into tiny bits of bites? Now, do not get me wrong, I am going to keep throwing more out there. I will tell you to make a list of people that you know that we might call, or I might say it like this, “I really need some help in Orlando, Florida, or Houston, Texas. Do you know someone out there that’s pretty sharp? Someone that might want to make some money? Somebody that might be interested that we can call?” 

You see, I do not say things like, “Make me a list of people I might call for you,” and don’t try to make it sound like some glamorous thing. I try to make it so simple and dumb that they will say, no duh. No kidding, no joke. I can do that! Then, they just reach out and grab each of these bites. Maybe they say, “Great!” and they log in on the computer, and they name two people that they know in Houston, Texas. Or, they know two people that you should call, and now you are helping them take the bites of elephant. You are walking them through as fast as you can, and then when they get bogged down, that is your signal to go to talk to somebody else about baby snacks, about baby bites. 

YOU might need to take baby bites or baby steps. Ask yourself, “What will I need to do next to get a new person that I can start feeding?” Maybe you need to brainstorm your list. Maybe you need to get out a sheet of paper and just start writing down sharp people that you have not called yet. Maybe you need to take a different look at it and say, “Okay, who do I give my money to? My banker, my insurance agent, my P&C agent.” Since you are a life guy, you probably give money to a P&C agent. Start listing people you give money to. Your realtor, your landlord, or the guy who does the utilities at your house. See, I am breaking it down in smaller bites rather than telling you go get another agent.  I am trying to back up and even break it down for you. 

The key is breaking it down in baby steps, but not taking forever to feed each bite to the baby. Lay it out on a buffet. 

Hurry, let’s go! 


One thought on “Building a Sales Team Deliberately and Simply Part 2

  1. Al Smalls

    This approach is right on point. Too often I have witnessed agents trying to force feed an elephant to someone that doesn’t even realize that they are hungry.
    Your “Bite Size” approach is analogous to serving the appetizer before the meal.

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