Building a Sales Team Deliberately and Simply

Many times I hear experienced agents or experienced recruiters make a comment to their people like, “You must plug in, you must submit, you must use your upline…” and I want to walk up to this “experienced manager” and say, “What does that mean?!”  If I am a new person, I do not know what you are talking about!
I want to explain to managers that they just need to get down to brass tacks, get down to the basics of what they want the people to do.  So, for example, at an opportunity meeting, when you are asked to explain to a person or to the audience what they should do next, it should not be to “plug in” or submit or use your upline manager.  It should be things like:

1.  “You need to get your license and you need to complete that course.”

2.  “You need to fill out contracting paperwork and try to get appointed with our carriers.”

3.  “You should find out where the next event is and you should get signed up for that event.  You should mark it in your calendar, and if you are already a licensed insurance agent, then you should get back with the person that you are chatting with at this opportunity meeting. Then, fill out paperwork and see if you can get appointed with our carriers.  After that, you should come to the next event that we have scheduled.”

I know these sound like very basic simple things that anybody should know, but it is like gripping a golf club for the first time.  You do not know whether the left hand is on top or the right hand is on top.  You do not know if your hands should be together or three inches apart.  It is the basics.  It is like in basketball.  If you have never played before, you do not know who gets the ball first.  You do not know which side of the foul line you stand on.  You know nothing!  As a coach of new players, you do not just start talking big terms like it is time for tip off.  You know you have to jump high in the tip off.  Nobody new to the game would know what you are talking about!  You have to speak in plain, simple, down to earth language.  It is being deliberate and simple with the expectations or directions that a person needs to take next.

Do not make it so dramatic, it is SIMPLE what we do!  The ability to take the complex and break it down into the simplistic may be more amazing than to take something that is simple and make it complex.  If it is complex, you do not get people duplicating the system.  For people to duplicate you, you must be able to communicate deliberate and simple steps that anyone can follow. If you get one person copying you, you have doubled.  If they get a person next week and you get a new person,  you have doubled again.  Now, you are four times bigger, with everyone repeating deliberate and simple steps, and you have exponential growth, which is what you want!

Go get ’em!


3 thoughts on “Building a Sales Team Deliberately and Simply

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  2. Al Smalls

    I have found that “New Managers” and “Lazy Managers” fall in love with pet phrases rather than actionable items. The first comes from inexperience and the next comes from becoming fat and complacent. Clear direction, duplicating yourself and teaching the next person how to do it is the way to go. That’s the NAA way!

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