Building your business with ‘imperfect’ people is perfect!

When your wife or girlfriend goes shopping, does it drive you crazy that she can’t seem to find “exactly” the perfect shoes, dress or jewelry? Do you catch yourself saying, “just pick one!”

When you are looking to recruit a new agent, do NOT hire an agent the way you shop for shoes, a dress or jewelry! It takes too long to do this and there’s no such thing as a perfect agent.

Have you dealt with the following situations:

You have people on your team who have great talent but have no real ambition

You have people on your team who have no talent but work hard for no results

You have people on your team that don’t seem to see the bigger picture

If you have hired anybody then it’s likely you’ve been faced with one or more of the previously mentioned kind of people.

We all know people that are talented, lazy, lack ambition, satisfied, don’t buy into something, ugly, lack talent, not that smart, etc.

What do you do with people like that?

This might shock you, but you HIRE those people! They are not perfect and The Alliance was built with people who are not perfect! You are looking for all those people. The trick is that you take a person where they are and you work with them to help make them better.

Where are you on the hiring scale? I’m guessing you are not “just right” either, but somebody found you and took a chance on you. You probably grew and improved over time too.

What you want to do is to take people that you like or don’t like and help them hire two people. Help them find a person in depth too. This is what I call the “Building Block” of The Alliance.

Why do people do things? Why do they do what they do? Why don’t people do things? It’s in their “WHY!” When you are lost and don’t have a why then you don’t do. When you find your why, your efforts push you to do and do some more. We are looking to help people find their “why.” When you have a “why” you know you have a shot, and you know you have hope. Clarity of your why leads to focus, freedom and positive feelings. Deceit leads to distractions, division and defeat. The secret to success is in your why!

The common denominator to success is doing things that losers won’t do. When you find your why and get on top of that water spout then you do everything possible to stay on it. You do it again and then do it again. It’s that simple. Clarify your why and you will find yourself loving more, serving more and caring more in all aspects of your life. When you have a clear why that’s when you want it bad and you need it bad. You will do more because your vision is clear to you, and you know what you need to do to get what you want.

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