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How many times have you heard a person offer every excuse in the world for not changing something they are doing, not dropping a habit they need to quit or even refusing to be open to talking about changing things up? Leaders know they have to change. Great leaders help others learn how to change. […]

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Check this out – A fellow NC State alumni is showing some true entrepreneurial and community service spirit by using bees!  That’s right, Leigh-Cathryn Bonner runs Bee Downtown, a company that installs and maintains bee hives for businesses and cities, which both helps to rebuild our American bee population and also creates a green marketing […]

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How do you plan out your hours, days and weeks? How do you answer people when they ask you what your schedule looks like when they want to meet with you? Here’s the magical and mind-blowing answer: Let me check my calendar! See, you have a calendar even if you don’t realize it. You get […]

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I have some exciting news to share with you if were not watching or listening to The Wednesday Call or the Activity Call earlier this week. In a world that is becoming more and more mobile-based, The Alliance has launched a new mobile app that allows you to access all the great content we offer […]

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I had the chance to pop down to Miami, Fla. with my son, Spencer, three of my staff and two agents and invited our SEAL Team 20 members to a select dinner at Prime 112 in South Beach on Sunday night. We went to go look at some ridiculous cars on Monday morning at Prestige Imports and then hosted training and an opportunity meeting Monday night.

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When you wake up in the morning, does your mind get excited about what you can do with the next 24 hours? Or, do you head down the road of dread and think about all the potential issues that might pop up during the day? This is big to realize: the more excited you are […]

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As time goes on it can get tougher and tougher to remember the past, especially the hard times. You have to work to remember how it felt before you climbed out of the ditch to get back on track! We are all guilty of blocking out things we don’t want to remember because it can […]

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Did you know that having the proper gratitude in your life will equate to you living a richer and fuller life? If you want more out of life, perhaps your first step is to assess the level of gratitude you are showing to the world. Gratitude is critical when it comes to being happier, healthier, […]

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