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The first thing I would do if I personally hired you, would be to look at you and say, “Hey man, now that you’ve downloaded your software, go ahead and run a quote on yourself, then run a quote on your wife or your spouse, and run it on your kids.”  You should have them […]

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Hey guys!  I was looking over a survey we did recently of newer agents, and I noticed that a lot of new agents had difficulty selling their first policy.  When we start a new agent, it is VITAL that we get them off to a good start by selling ONE policy. Before you sell a […]

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Hey guys! Just checking in with you on Monday morning after a great weekend (I wrote this Monday!) hanging out with CEO of Foresters George Mohacsi and his son. Spent a lot of time talking about how Foresters and National Agents Alliance can work together to EXPLODE in 2010! Speaking of 2010, can you believe it’s […]

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That’s a dry sounding subject, something that would have you nodding off in Economics 101, but we’re living here in the real world. Where bad economic trends hurt with real pain, that’s felt by real people. There are dozens of benefits to having adequate life insurance coverage, two important reasons relating to this article are: providing […]

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