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             I think most people do not understand what to say when they talk to new agents on the phone, so they end up asking one sentence questions like, “How are you doing?”  Then, they take whatever the agent says at face value. 

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Hey guys, Look here, this is YOUR business. People worry about “Well, Fred did this, my upline did this, my great granddaddy was a mean person…” Hey look, everybody has something they had to deal with. You’ve got to create your own deal, your own success. Yes, it would be nice if you were born […]

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The key here is: the upline person wanted me to TEACH them how to MAKE someone else do something! You see, the question they asked me was wrong. If I had even attempted to answer the wrong question, we would be condemned to failure! The question they should have asked is: “How do I get […]

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