Look who we had at our convention in Raleigh, N.C.

Check this out guys. Did you believe it? Let me come clean on this one. See, I kept telling people we invited President Barack Obama, former Alaskan Governor Sara Palin and my wife, Jane Albright to National Agents Alliance’s National Convention.

We didn’t have President Obama and Palin at our convention, but we got pretty close with these two actors! Obama even endorsed me in case I decide to run one day. Now, one day … one day, we will have the REAL DEAL at our National Agents Alliance events. It’s going to be sooner than later too! Our team of winners at National Agents Alliance deserves the best … the absolute best. For now, this was what we could make happen and it was a lot of fun!!! Hammer down guys, make 2011 your year!


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