Convention’s coming … I’m there are you?

Going to convention? Simple question. So basic and the answer is simple: Yes!

But I’ve got to wonder if some people have even talked with National Agents Alliance agents about how important it is to be there.

Have you? Have you seriously had “the talk” about coming to convention?

If you haven’t then you should. It’s going to be here before you know it. What are you waiting for?

It’s about association … on so many levels and I can’t make that more clear!

You’ve got people that you want to grow but if they are not at the NAA National Convention in Raleigh, Jan 20-23, then it’s going to be a rough start to 2011.

If you think I’m wrong, email me or call me. Convention should be required for the people that want to have a huge 2011!

Look at Fitz, Wilson, Rogers, etc. If I’m calling someone and just pretend I’m just getting to know them and I can help them first with their business. So I go in and save them monies here and there and we’re about to get off the phone and I say … “by the way, have you signed up yet?”

Perfect time to ask.

If I’ve just saved them $1,000 a month then they better be at convention because they are going to learn even more ways to maximize their earning potential. That’s what I’m talking about. Get them there so they can be around our top people and make the most of what 2011 holds for National Agents Alliance.

You tracking yet? If not, you need to look again. These guys know what I’m talking about and if you don’t want to hear it from me talk to them. They’ll tell you.

The law of association is in play when convention is going on. It’s great to have books and MP3s, but this gives you quality time with the entire company, its leaders and that is critical.

Whether it’s 2,000 people or 20,000, which we will do at a convention soon, something happens with the group that is there and it’s unexplainable.

When big leaders and big groups get together and share an idea, then you have a movement. Whether it’s in Washington, D.C. on the national mall or at a major party convention, you evoke emotion in people. Emotion creates reaction and that’s what a convention can do for you! People catch a spirit, a vibe and an emotion. That’s hard to duplicate unless you are there.

Now, if you read my book, The 8 Steps to Success you can find out all about Association (Step 7), but come to convention and get it straight from me and the top NAA leaders. 

My goal in this blog is to talk to our people about getting people there, sell those tickets and if you need to guide them to do so that’s fine. People need to be told why they need to be there and they do need to be there. There is something there for them and that’s the main reason they need to come. They will also get the best training from our top people if they come. There’s something there for everybody who comes.

So whether you save people money with one call, one visit or one idea … remind them that they can find even more ideas by attending convention. That’s the perfect time to do so.

You have helped them, I’ve helped them and they can get the “mother lode” in Raleigh when we all come together to plan what’s in store for 2011!

I’m big on helping those that seek help and then self-help. It’s a great way to see where a person’s mind is. Have I helped them and then they don’t better their situation? If that’s going on then it’s hard to keep investing in that person. Now, find me somebody I gave a nugget to and they ran with it, that’s the person I want to invest time into.

Sharing of information can be a simple tradeoff but it’s also a point of relationship building on so many levels. Use it to get your people to Raleigh where you can build your team to even greater heights. It’s a win-win for those that have large numbers. It’s like getting any type of higher learning, be it from a trade school, community college or major university.

Broke-minded people think it’s crazy to spend money to go to a convention. However, most above-average people realize that the right thing to do is to get an education at any level. That’s another reason you go to convention.

Outside of the obvious, NAA offers enough training that you don’t have to seek outside of our organization to find … things to help you become better. You can find it all here. It should be as simple as picking up the phone and finding whatever tools you want to use.

Now, we all need help when we can’t see the forest for the trees and maybe you know somebody with blinders on. Let’s get past that, invest time in them and explain to them how important the success of our team is now!

Help those that want to grow. You will be shocked at how they respond to your efforts. If you help them, they’ll help you and eventually they’ll pay it forward.

It’s contagious and that’s a beautiful thing.

And it all starts at National Convention … Make it happen guys!

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