Day 2 of War Parties going strong!

Guys, we are in the middle of our War Parties this week. Today, my group is in Philadelphia. We just shot a short video I wanted to share with you that features Alex Abuyuan, who is with us on the road.

Alex says these War Parties are the best opportunity for new people to see The Alliance in action, evaluate what we do and learn from us.

These are great chances to get around our best and brightest leaders too. It’s an intimate environment where you can get around four or five of our top leaders in a matter of a few hours.

The other great thing these meetings do is to help people build and grow their business and themselves.

On Monday, we were in Portland, Dallas, Orlando, Detroit and Boston. Today, we are in Sacremento, Phoenix, New Orleans, Columbus and Philadelphia. Wednesday we will be in Rancho Cucamonga, Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis and Burlington, N.C.

I hope you are attending a War Party. I look forward to seeing you in Burlington, N.C. tomorrow.

Look for another video tomorrow!

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