Design Guild Award, Art To Wear and … ‘ooowee baby, Don’t you wish you were on a sea cruise?’

Hey guys! I’m sitting here looking out over some of the prettiest water you could ever imagine.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, but I’ve been on the road and right now I’m cruising around in St. Barts, where the weather is here and we wish you were too! I’ll tell you more about this adventure later when I get back. For now, I wanted to get this blog up while I had the chance to.

Last week, I got back from a business meeting in Los Angeles Saturday afternoon and went with my daughter Haleigh to the 14th annual Design Guild Award Dinner in Raleigh, where we got to meet William Ivey Long, this year’s recipient. Mr. Long has continued to give back to the state of North Carolina and has been instrumental in helping N.C. State students work toward their goal of being future designers.

Let me tell you a little bit more about William Long and N.C. State’s College of Design. So the College of Design established the Design Guild Award in 1998 to celebrate the importance of the design community and the design education. William Long shares that spirit with N.C. State and his costumes are used for projects in North Carolina and on Broadway in New York. His career as a costume designer covers more than 30 years and almost 60 Broadway shows, including Chicago, Dreamgirls and Hairspray.

Long, who was born in Seaboard, N.C. and lived for several years in Raleigh, has won five Tony Awards and his work ranges from Broadway to opera, dance, film, ballet, Vegas shows, music videos and private clients. At the same time, Long has always continued to support North Carolina and N.C. State University.

Growing up, Long and his family spent their summers in Manteo where they worked at Paul Green’s The Lost Colony. Since 1988, Long has returned to Manteo every summer to serve as Production Designer for the production. His involvement has continued and even expanded since then. That impressed me, but I really like how he has gotten involved with things going on at N.C. State!

Long has partnered with the College of Design and the College of Textiles on the new Seaboard School of Fashion and Costume. This project gives students hands-on experiences designing and fabricating costumes for theater and dance productions throughout the state. This work is an important economic stimulus and provides skilled jobs to numerous people.

Most of his work keeps him in New York, but for years he has given generously of his time and resources to the students at the College of Design and the College of Textiles at N.C. State – with the Art To Wear fashion show being at the top of his efforts. He has mentored numerous students and provided them with experience they might not otherwise have.

Haleigh and I got to meet William and talked to him a little bit and it was cool to meet a person that has experienced the amount of success he has in his field. He’s a super nice guy and it was good for Haleigh to meet him, since she is looking at doing something in the design area once she’s out of school.

Now, Tuesday night Jane and me were on a boat somewhere around Barbados with about 300 of our closest friends and couldn’t take Haleigh to the 10th Art To Wear fashion show at N.C. State.

Art To Wear is a collaboration of students in N.C. State’s College of Design and College of Textiles that started in 2002. The first shows were held in what we called “the Pit” at the College of Design and it drew 450 people the first year.  The show has grown every year and it’s one of the largest non-athletic events held at N.C. State. Simply put: it’s a big deal on campus and around the Triangle.

That being said, Jane and I decided to help sponsor the event and so we got VIP floor tickets for the show. It’s important to me to support anything at N.C. State that helps students find their voice and their niche in life. I love helping my school!

So we had Mac Heffner, our press secretary, and Kristen Crabtree, our communications specialist, take Haleigh and a friend of hers to the show at Reynolds Coliseum. We got the report back from them and they said more than 4,000 people attended the show and they had a great time.

When I heard about some of the crazy designs they saw, I didn’t believe them. How can you make clothes out of coiled extension cords, iPads and pennies?

I have no clue???

Haleigh said it was cool, so it must have been.

OK, I’ve got to get back to the pool, or the ocean or whatever other event we have going on here. It’s crazy … I’ll write about our trip later.

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