Do you believe in what you are offering?

If you don’t believe in what you sell and use it, then why should others purchase your product from you?

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If you were a business owner, let’s say you own Coke or Pepsi, then you should probably drink your own product.

If you don’t believe in what you sell and use it, then why should others purchase your product from you?

I tell people all the time that personal use can be as important in helping grow your sales and your business as anything you do.

The first thing you should do is invest in your product before you even think about trying to go out and make a sale. Forget the commission that is out there. If you don’t have your own policy, that’s like a football player telling his coach he wants to play a few games before he decides whether or not he wants to bother learning the playbook! You can’t have a guy on your team like that.

If you own what you offer then you have a higher credibility and believability factor than a company or person that doesn’t use or own the service they provide.

Beyond that, you are more likely to be comfortable asking other to buy or own your products if you can tell them face-to-face or over the phone that, “hey, it’s good enough for me and I think you need it too!”

After you own your product, practice your selling technique by seeing if you family or friends also need the products you offer. This helps you work on dealing with people and you are also doing what you think is right by the people you care about.

Again, you are building credibility with people. Your belief in the products you offer will also grow by doing this.

Integrity establishes a baseline and a firm foundation for everything you do. As a business owner, agent, etc., integrity begins with knowing, believing and investing in the products or services you offer. How can you represent something you don’t own yourself?

Being part of an organization requires participation, and that means buying in – literally – to the business and its services.

Beyond owning something you offer, you also should know the product you are selling. Why?

You can only be effective at selling the product if you know the product, believe in it and can explain why it’s needed to a potential client.

Selling requires making a commitment. The very act of studying a product, learning enough about it to convince yourself that the product is a good one, should lead to you selling yourself on the product and then selling the product to others.

Ask yourself this: would you purchase an annuity or life insurance policy from an agent who did not own a policy himself? Would you trust this agent? Would you trust the very company he works for?

If you own what you sell, life will be much easier for you when it comes to selling!

Your clients don’t care what the commission for you on a product is, but they do care about what the product will offer them, should they choose to purchase a policy from you.

The more you know about products, the more credibility you will gain with people. Over time, people with tell their friends and family how you helped them and made sure they were covered with the right product and it will help grow your list of clients and book of business.

Growing up, I heard of people getting fired from Coke because they were caught drinking Pepsi! Smart employees probably drank the competition when others were not around, but there was a huge risk in doing that. I like that rule. If you don’t like what you sell, you shouldn’t work for that company.

Being loyal to your brand indicates you believe in the product. You should own and purchase it no matter what it is, be it soft drinks, cars, vitamins, juice or life insurance!

You should be a walking advertisement for the company and product you offer.

Knowing, believing and investing in your product are all important because all sales begin with emotion. People make up their minds based on feelings, then back their decisions with logic. If you understand emotionally what it’s like to purchase your product, then you will see the logic in owning a life insurance policy to protect your family.

Knowing, believing and investing in your own product will establish a baseline of integrity you need to get going in the field!

Make the first commitment to yourself. After that, you can focus on helping the client. If you can convince yourself, you should be able to convince others to own the products you are selling.

You must make your business personal, and you must do it now by starting with personal use.

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  1. Hugh Turner
    Hugh Turner
    November 29, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I have always believed in life insurance, owning my first policy at 17 – one should not leave ones family in a bind when we die. We just bought our prepared accidental policies as soon as they became available and we have been highlighting them to clients because we feel confident that they will benefit. We are comfortable doing that because we also have other policies already in place for other types of coverage. The reminders here are worth reviewing to get our mind right.

  2. nick
    May 15, 2012 at 5:16 am

    the author is right , how can you convince others to use your product when you don’t use it your self

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