Excerpt From The 8 Steps to Success Book!

Hey Guys —

This is an excerpt from my new book that is coming out this summer!

From Step 2:

Dogs in the Hunt

One of my favorite memories as a boy was hunting with my Dad. He raised beagles for rabbit hunting. He never talked about how his dogs hunted for pleasure. What he talked about was how they loved to work. All rabbit hunters and bird hunters use that same terminology when talking about their dogs. They all say they love to “watch them work.”

The most pleasurable part of the quail hunting experience is the bird dogs, who are  trained to locate and retrieve the quail. The pleasure is not so much in hunting the birds as it is in watching the bird dogs “work.” A well-trained dog, bred with the keen instincts of finding, pointing and retrieving birds, is a beautiful thing to watch. They are single-minded. FOCUSED. It is what they were born to do, what they are trained to do, and what they do well.

When hunting dogs are turned loose, briar bushes do not bother them, the heat does not bother them, the cold does not bother them. They are just focused on the hunt, focused on their work. Their work is, in fact, their reward. I have heard old men out in the field say many times: “Man, I love to watch them work.”  Then their next words always seem to be, “You can tell how much they enjoy it.”

A favorite saying of mine is, “A dog in the hunt ain’t got no fleas.” When a bird or rabbit dog works, he is aware of nothing else. The same dog, in his kennel, if he has fleas, will let them bother him. He will sit and scratch.  However, that same flea-ridden dog does not know fleas exist when he is on the hunt.  He is that focused. 

He Ain’t Got Fleas

Find work you can put yourself into—work you can enjoy. Then, focus and achieve. Being hard at work can focus your mind, similar to when you are frightened. If you are threatened and scared, you can accomplish anything because of the adrenaline. When in danger, you are so focused nothing exists except getting to safety.  If your life is at stake, you will run through a plate glass window, jump from a tall building, anything, without giving it a thought.   Focused work can have a similar effect. Focused work is exciting, like adrenaline-pumping fear. Like adrenaline, work can set your spirit free. A man in touch with the work he was designed to do is like a dog in the hunt. He can accomplish his goals, he enjoys doing it, and does not realize he has fleas.


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