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Hey guys! 

I was looking over a survey we did recently of newer agents, and I noticed that a lot of new agents had difficulty selling their first policy. 

When we start a new agent, it is VITAL that we get them off to a good start by selling ONE policy. Before you sell a THOUSAND policies, you have to sell one, first. 

One of the best ways to do this is what I call: Family First. 

Within a DAY of starting someone, sit down with them, face-to-face, and get them to do a list building exercise. This is basically where you use a prompting sheet to make them think of any and everybody they know. DON’T let them pre-qualify people. Just list names. Here is a good prompting sheet (list builder website). Also, EVERYONE on their facebook should be on this list. If they good enough to be a facebook friend, they are good enough to buy insurance! 

Now, the reason I call it Family First is because this list should now have everyone in their family on it. Call these people FIRST and set up an appointment to discuss their life insurance and annuity needs. EVERYONE should be able to sell a life insurance policy to at least ONE family member. If nothing else the family member should let them come practice their presentation on them, and you/they should tell the family member this. Go along with them if they are COMPLETELY inexperienced. 

Now, this list can be used for policies OR for recruiting. A good idea is to make the appointment to go over their needs and bring up the recruiting while you are there. 

NOW the EASIEST policy to sell for a new agent is one for THEMSELVES and/or their spouse. And kids! Honestly, I do not have a lot of time for an agent that has not sold themselves a policy. I mean, what are you going to say to a client in their kitchen when they ask you whether or not YOU have a policy? If I ask you whether you have a policy or not, you had probably better LIE to me rather than to say you don’t have one or whatever (just kidding, don’t write me, I not telling you to lie! Just buy yourself a policy!). 

The most important thing is to get some success for the new person and that comes with a SALE or a RECRUIT. Make sure YOU take a copy of their list. Sit there with them while they call, and in a few days, heck, YOU call. 



4 thoughts on “Family First

  1. Becky

    I am a new agent who is interested in protecting ALL of my family and friends. I have been looking for “script” ideas on how to uncover their needs and address these needs with the benefits of life insurance and annuities. With all my studying, reading, researching and listening, I have been unable to create a “suave” script to introduce the importance of these products. Will you please forward some ideas, and perhaps post them so that other new agents can access the information as well?

    Thank you so very much!

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