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Have you listened to Alex Fitzgerald's story that he told at National Agents Alliance with John Kight introducing him with the one word name, Fitz?  Kind of like Prince or Sting.           Guys, Alex Fitzgerald's story that is recorded on MP3 should be required listening for every single person on your...

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You need to get Fitz' MP3
You need to get Fitz' MP3

Have you listened to Alex Fitzgerald’s story that he told at National Agents Alliance with John Kight introducing him with the one word name, Fitz?  Kind of like Prince or Sting.  

        Guys, Alex Fitzgerald’s story that is recorded on MP3 should be required listening for every single person on your team.  It emphasizes the need to go through an education process.  Nothing just happens.  

There is no program that is SO good that you join it and it just magically happens for you.  If you join a winning baseball team, a winning basketball team, or a winning hockey team, you have to contribute.  You have to get in the battle.  You have to share the load.  You have to share the sweat.  You have to share the problems, or you will never enjoy the victories.  Yes, you can walk on to a team just before the victory and get the ring, but you don’t have the real victory that comes from sticking with the team during the good times and the bad.  Everybody wants to find that program where you don’t have to struggle, or you don’t have to go through anything.  I don’t know about that program, even the lottery ticket winners, 99 percent of them don’t keep their money because they didn’t go through the struggle to get it.  It’s just them and they win it and now what do they really have? 

        So, if you are looking for a business model that you don’t have to do anything, it’s just bam and you win it, you’re going to get just that.  It’s going to be a flash.  If you buy 13 McDonalds, or you buy one Domino’s franchise, (and I have a friend that has 11 franchises) I promise you, you will go through the ups and the downs and the battles and the challenges.  It is a model of victory.  It is a model that you can win with, just like our system is a model you can win with, but you have to go through something to come out to the other side.  

        Get that tape, get that MP3 from Alex Fitzgerald, listen to it at least three or four or five times, and then listen to it again.  It’ll change your whole mindset, but it’s just the beginning. Like anything else we ask you to do to be a part of our team.  It’s just the beginning.  It’s one step along the way.  Listen to his story, and then, when he comes out with another one, listen to it and learn a lot of different things about that biography, the one that’s still being made, the one for Fitz, and his awesome life habits.  

        Alright guys, I’m selling you on it hard.  Make it happen.


  1. Alex "Fitz" Fitzgerald
    Alex "Fitz" Fitzgerald
    January 7, 2010 at 1:35 am

    You said it right Andy. The struggle, the journey, is the ticket. The millionaire mindset doesn’t develop overnight… it takes time. BUT, the great news, is that on the other side, you have the mindset. That means not only can you make the first million, but you can make many millions after that. It’s now been 5 consecutive years of a seven-figure income for the Fitzgerald family and we are working on the deca-millionaire mindset now. That’s 10!!!

    Let’s go get it guys. Make 2010 your year. Keep your head down and focus on the things that you are being taught to focus on. Don’t look at the top of the mountain that you are running up. That will just make the process harder than it already is. Focus on the 15 feet in front of you. Before you know it, you are at the top of that mountain. Good news… you made it… now there’s more mountains to climb. The muscles that you gain, the stamina that you earn, will propel you up the next mountains even faster.

    I believe that you can do it.

  2. James Hill
    James Hill
    January 13, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Got two Fitz CD’s this week (Couldn’t figure out which one you were talking about so I got both!) “Profiles of Success Alex and Heather Fitzgerald”, and “How to Get Started Right.” Both great and exactly what I needed to hear. Will be putting both of these in every new agents hands and all those we are already working with.

  3. Camy Smith
    Camy Smith
    February 13, 2010 at 9:20 am

    That CD is already a classic in our Agency. It gives us awesome prespective, which is what we all need more of.

    Overcoming to Become.

    Pressing through & moving past.

    That is Life. That is warrior mentality. That is NAA.

    Thanks Fitz. Thanks Andy.

  4. Jessie Ruhling
    Jessie Ruhling
    April 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    What a great story thank you very much for sharing with us.

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