Gift to Alamance Community College

Andy here … I wanted to add to this post because the news story really focuses on me and the $$$ we gave to the school, but that was NOT the intent of the post OR the gift. The local community college is a vital training ground for our local economy and many of the employees at National Agents Alliance have either taken courses or gotten degrees from this school. We consider the school a strategic partner in building a long-term presence here in Alamance County. Support for a school like this is part of the vision of National Agents Alliance to educate people on how to become successful, just as our goal at National Agents Alliance is to help YOU become successful. 

We have always tried to gear our community and charitable work into stuff that DOES work. By partnering up with Alamance Community College, we were trying to help make the educational opportunities better for our own employees, which can only help National Agents Alliance, and our agents as well.


Andy Albright knows where he came from. In fact, his 58,000 square foot corporate headquarters is located in his hometown of Burlington, North Carolina and works with over 6300 individuals nationwide. Now … he is helping other area students reach their future goals.

Alamance Community College’s enrollment is up 18 percent this semester, an increase of about 850 students with many coming from families affected by unemployment or underemployment. Andy Albright’s recent monetary gift provides financial assistance to these local students and is his way of giving back to his hometown. “It helps to ensure that no qualified student is turned away for financial reasons. Electing a path of education is a building block to financial freedom. Teaching individuals to work smart is the key to being successful.”

Alamance Community College’s college-level curriculum headcount is over 5,500 for fall 2009 semester. The surge reflects challenging local economic conditions and students who are seeking to enhance their employment prospects through education.

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