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Just checking in with you on Monday morning after a great weekend (I wrote this Monday!) hanging out with CEO of Foresters George Mohacsi and his son. Spent a lot of time talking about how Foresters and National Agents Alliance can work together to EXPLODE in 2010!

Speaking of 2010, can you believe it’s almost the end of the year already?!? It seems like this year has really flown by. This time of year I like to look back at the goals I set in January at the beginning of the year and really see how I stacked up. I’m usually tempted to justify things, to say that my priorities have changed, etc., but I find it is more helpful if I REALLY try to measure my results by what I INTENDED to accomplish. This has a tendency to make me THINK more accurately about my goals for next year.

I know that everyone sets New Year’s resolutions each year, and they usually involve things you NEED or are GOING to do.

Try something different this year. Try to set some goals of stuff you are NOT going to do. Maybe this is the year you are NOT going to keep smoking, or maybe this is year you want to NOT be in the audience when we are handing out RINGS at the National Convention www.naaleads.com/2010-National-Convention.html. Or maybe you are going to STOP watching the TV for 3 hours every night and start making calls or spending more time with family. Sometimes, STOPPING something can be easier than starting something, but you still get the same feeling of accomplishment. Try it, it works!

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