Greetings from Lake Louise!

I have been in Banff, Alberta and now Lake Louise this week with members of The Alliance, who earned this trip by “Doing the Do” in 2015. We have had a blast up here in the Canadian Rockies, where if the views could kill then we would all be dead. I’m not kidding when I tell you that pictures and video do not do it justice.

It is peaceful, serene, majestic, breathtaking, etc. There’s not enough adjectives to describe it.

I wanted to share a video that our media team, AMP Studios put together from earlier this week.

It will give you a small sense of how cool this place is and how awesome the people on this trip are when we hang out together. This has been a great experience and I’m so glad I was able to share it with so many of my friends.

Look forward to seeing you very soon. I hope you are with us on the next trip if you missed out on this one. We are having a blast. I hope you are having a great week and I encourage you to keep working to reach all your goals and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Lake Louise!

  1. Ron Occeus

    This is the best vacation so far that I have had with the Alliance. And if this is the worst that it is going get, man, I cannot wait to experience the best. Thank you so much for introducing us to this beautiful breath taking place called Banff.

    Ron Occeus

  2. Ben Smallidge

    Amen Andy! Natallia & I have been in awe of this beautiful location! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this trip!!


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