Grow Roots!

Hey guys,

Look here, this is YOUR business. People worry about “Well, Fred did this, my upline did this, my great granddaddy was a mean person…” Hey look, everybody has something they had to deal with. You’ve got to create your own deal, your own success. Yes, it would be nice if you were born to rich people. Yes, it would be nice if your upline would build your depth. Yes, it would be nice if your boss gave you a promotion. Yes, it would be nice if your plant manager wasn’t a tyrant. Yes, it would be nice if I picked the Powerball numbers in the lottery today. That would solve a lot of my problems. It wouldn’t solve ALL my problems, but it would be nice.

You see, everybody has to bloom where they are planted, and the way you bloom is you establish roots. Notice that roots go down, not up. So, your concerns about the upward problems, the person that hired you, I don’t know what to tell you about that. You’ve got to figure that out. The WAY to figure it out is to grow roots — get deep and get wide. A tree that looks down and sees concrete — let’s say a seedling — well he’s got a problem. But looking up is not a problem. Matter of fact, a seed will find a way to go up. It will go around something, it will go through something, it will go between something. But if it’s on concrete, you can’t go down.
If you can’t recruit down, if you don’t have fertilizer below you, now that’s a real problem. Above you, you know who has got a problem? The person above you has a problem. If a seed gets under the road, the road is going to have a problem, not the seed, because the seed is going to come up through there. Does that make sense? It comes up. Establishing roots — look if you hire people and you build your massive business and you get wealthy, nobody can stop you. That’s right, the downward side, the group underneath you, the one YOU create. Yes, it would be nice if your upline would create it, but the one you create, there is the one that you LIVE on top of. THAT is the direction that you can grow.
Hope that helps you a little bit on dealing with your growth and business.

5 thoughts on “Grow Roots!

  1. Matt Lindley(Keator)

    This is what Kyle has been helping me to do. Thanks for helping him so he could change

  2. Chris Sawyer

    AS a farmer I have a lot of lessons learned about seeds and growing under my belt… but this one is new to me. It seems God hid His secrets behind a veil of simplicity. We don’t need to be smart, in fact it can be a curse. As above so below… has a new meaning. Thanks.

  3. Mark Horning

    Need more of this. Thanks Andy…

    Went wide and then deep, and life events hit… time to do again! But better and bigger!

  4. Hal & Ellen Rosen

    Hey Andy
    Really need to comment on each blog that I have read this morning. They are all awe inspiring and we each one made so much sense to us. Thanks you so much for caring and the help you give everyone.
    Looking forward to being on your coat-tails thru the rest of our journey of life.
    Best regards
    Hal & Ellen Rosen

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