Grow Your Business by Staying in Touch

I say, “It takes work to make your dream work.”

The “work” I am writing about does not end after you closed the sale and received a check.

The “work” continues long after that sale. It’s about staying in touch with your client long after the deal is done and keeping that client for life.

Substantial year-over-year growth and being known as a reputable business are achieved by making sales, and by treating your clients as if they are your No. 1 priority to your business (which they are!).

But, where many agents fall short is continuing to foster that business relationship by keeping in contact with their client on a consistent basis, either through phone calls, emails or letters.

A LIMRA study published several years ago found that clients wanted to be contacted in some form by their agent no less than 22 times a year. Most producers spend 90 percent of their time looking for the next sale, and don’t typically contact their past clients more than three times a year.

If you send out 12 monthly newsletters, make four quarterly calls, provide two semi-annual reviews, one birthday card, one special date recognition (like an anniversary), as well as two encouraging text messages, you can achieve the 22 client contact points.

By continuously chasing the next sale and not making an effort to maintain your business relationship, you can let a previous client slip away and before you know it the chance of repeat business, referrals and positive recommendations for your business has vanished.

Instead of making several commissions off that one client and their friends through a relationship and reputation you could have established, you are back to square one and still looking to make the next buck all while leaving a bad taste in the mouths of your former clients.

Clients feel like if they were important to you and your business that you’d be in touch with them to ensure that their products are still needed and you’re serving their family the best way that you can.

But this could be all voided. You can build a credible reputation for your business and receive new business without actively searching for it through referrals from former clients.

At National Agents Alliance, we have a system that does all the legwork for you. KIT Marketing helps you “Keep In Touch” with your friends, family, clients and sales prospects. The behind-the-scenes service allows you to personally communicate to others with ease through letters that we prepare for you with the help of our professional copywriters. We then mail the letters to the people that you request with your signature, picture and contact information, as if it were sent directly from your desk. KIT Marketing is a great opportunity to maintain that regular communication and contact points that will create repeat business and establish a reputation among your clients that you really do care about them and their family.

Don’t lose the chance to grow your business with the help of past clients … keep in touch!

Call one right now, Bo!

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