GS3, Part 2: Goal Setting

This is Part 2 of a three-part series covering GS3. In this blog, I cover Step 2: Goal Setting. Be sure to read Part 1, Get Started, which was posted earlier this week. Part 3 will be posted later this week. Think about the following three questions. Would you like...

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This is Part 2 of a three-part series covering GS3. In this blog, I cover Step 2: Goal Setting. Be sure to read Part 1, Get Started, which was posted earlier this week. Part 3 will be posted later this week.

Think about the following three questions.

  1. Would you like your agents to get started faster?
  2. Would you like your agents to stay going longer?
  3. Would you like your agents to start working in their business, regardless of problems and distractions they face?

It’s called GS3. Get Started, Goal Set, Go Serve.

The GS3 is an outline to get people started, get them going and stay going.

GS3 is about helping a person get started fast, and getting them off to a good start, moving in the right direction and doing so efficiently.

It’s pretty simple: Get Started, Goal Set and Go Serve.

What you do with GS3 is find a person who is looking for an opportunity to better their situation, whatever it might be. You want to help them set a goal, get involved in their calendar and life, and help them by serving them.

2. Goal Set

Once I’ve done that, I move to goal setting. This is where we really get them to start making a commitment to helping somebody else do what they have already done. Duplication!

I say to the person, we need to identify one of the people on your team that can duplicate what he/she has done so far. It’s trying to recreate what they have already done.

So, I let them tell me about the person they think can recreate what they’ve done. I talk about getting them to do all the things they did to reach the level they are currently at. It can be things like the following:

Did they make a list?

Are they attending HotSpots meetings?

Are they licensed?

Are they signed up for the next event?

Doing this helps me find a crack and it allows me to start setting goals with the person. I am very clear with this person so they know what the next steps should be with the “winner” on their team. Once I set the goals with them, then I help move the person along by asking when can we do these things? How fast can we get this done? Are they ready to do it now?

I go down the list and put a time element on these goals so the person knows they have to start getting things done. Here’s another key: I get them to write this down so we’ve committed to do it!

The important part of goal setting is being able to get things – even little things – done effectively. Now, it can be big things too. Really, it’s both of them – bofum!

We set a goal, put a defined time in which they can or should accomplish their goals and get after it. It’s about moving them toward those goals – inch by inch, faster and faster.

When you are setting goals, you want to start with LLC – List, License, and Convention.

Go through each of those and set a goal.

I’m going to ask them something like, “Did you have your license already?”

What if it’s a No? Well, we’ve got to get you signed up to take the class. I get them to sign up as soon as possible. Set a time to do it, or right then if possible.

Next, I ask them, “Do you have any friends that would be interested this opportunity?” I start asking for names and I’ve got them to start a list without any worry or pain. I even ask them to text a couple friends right then to see if they are available to chat. We call that text dialing. I’ll have more on text dialing later.

I start talking about upcoming events and I show them the date. I ask them if they are planning to come. If they haven’t signed up yet, I ask them if we can go ahead and put it on the calendar. I start trying to find ways to help them which is the go serve part. We get what we want by serving others first.

This is also where you talk about RSB – Recruits, Sales and Building. This is where you make a SIMPLE plan to start making some things happen right now. LLC and RSB go hand-in-hand.

You want to find out things like how much time is this person willing to commit? What financial situation are they in? Is their spouse or partner willing to encourage them in what they are doing? Hopefully, even talk to the spouse at this point.

You also want to help them dream build here. Talk to them about what it will be like to get out of debt, buy a bigger home, take nice vacations, win free trips, etc. You also want to ask them if they want to move fast or slow. If they want to move fast, get ready … it’s about to get crazy for you and them!

When they want to move fast, make sure you expect more and give them plenty to do. Give them a couple of assignments.

Be sure to check back to read Step 3: Go Serve later this week. You can read Step 1: Get Started HERE!

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