GUEST BLOG: Albrights on a ‘Mission’ in Africa

The following blog was submitted by Jane Albright to give people in the United States an update about the Albrights trip to Africa.

After how ever many hours on an airplane, today was Day 1 of the Albright African adventure with Andy, Haleigh and Spencer (and I say adventure because details of the trip are few)!!! Dr. J.L. Williams goes like a “man on a mission” and is often in the right place at the right time!

The day started by meeting Phillip, who is instrumental with the goats here in Africa! He is tirelessly working on how to better educate the goat owners and how to ensure the quality of the goats. A major undertaking!!!

Next we were off to Kibara – the truest of slums here in Nairobi!!! There we met up with George, a former slum kid himself, who gives back to the slum by working with the school within the slum. This slum is not the place for common white folks to visit. With two armed policeman and George, we venture into the slums! Unbelievable how these people live much less survive!!!

From dirt floors to no plumbing to sparse food, their lives are beyond imaginable! It took less than a second for my heart to break and to realize just how blessed we are and how for granted we take the smallest things. We were fortunate to visit the school in the slum and to serve the children their lunch – which looked like stiff grits and kale. This they get three times a day and more than likely nothing else – hard to imagine! Yet, each child’s smile represented thankfulness. They were happy we were there to visit and loved the camera, especially selfies!!!

It’s hard to describe the conditions of where these children were but no doubt their heart lives for Jesus!!!

From the slum, we visited the giraffe park where we fed and kissed (yes smoochie smoochie) the giraffes! How neat!


From here, we visited the market to gather supplies for our next adventure – on to the bush at 6 am tomorrow!

More to come!!!

Jane Albright

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