Happy New Year 2012 style!

Today, right now, is a fresh start and there is no better time than the New Year – 2012 – to start fresh! Right now, you matter and the first month matters.

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Hey Bro!

Are you fired up yet? If you’re not, we’ve got to get your mind right, Bo! You should be!

Whoooooooooohhh! We are about to begin the most crazy-good year ever!!!

It doesn’t matter what has happened up to this point. Whether you were Yale or “you just smell” up to this point doesn’t matter. Your past don’t predict your future!

Today, right now, is a fresh start and there is no better time than the New Year – 2012 – to start fresh! Right now, you matter and the first month matters.

Put the past where it belongs in your rearview mirror and move forward with a big heart filled with hope, faith and gigantic dreams … it’s time to do this thing! Do this thing big!

THE PLAN –stay positive, work hard and put in the time and effort – and believe wholeheartedly – then you will achieve!

We stepped our game up in 2011 with the addition of the Key Leader, agent levels and MASSIVE culture improvement. All those things were game changers for us!

We made the decision to start weekly rotational meetings nationwide and the team got better and grew!

Guys, we’ve got a crazy, ridiculous trip to Aruba planned for 2013 and there’s plenty of room for winners!

We’ve got to find more winners and develop more leaders! Are you down with that program?

When I think about Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I’m reminded that the biggest determiners of success include things like your DESIRE, FAITH, LEARNING, ORGANIZATION with a PLAN, IMAGINATION, CONSISTENCY, PERSISTENCY and ASSOCIATION … among other things.

As we close the chapter of 2011 and look toward 2012, I hope that you remember the principles of success that will work for you as long you work them properly, consistently and with a big heart. It will work if you work!

Now is not the time to let up; it’s time to hammer down hard! It’s going to be an awesome, action-packed, growth-filled year where we continue to have fun, make money and make a difference in the world of so many people out there.

I hope you are FIRED UP if you weren’t before. Just thinking about 2012 and some of the things we’re going to do makes me smile and want to scream SHICKYBOOM!!! I’m so excited I’m about to jump out of my skin!!!

Let’s do this thing!

I have butterflies in my belly just thinking of all that is in front of us to experience!

Come play with us in some far out places in 2012.

Here’s to the end of a great year and the start of an extraordinary year that is there for those who dream big and want bigger things in life.


Andy Albright

P.S. – LET’S COMMUNICATE … calls, emails, text, FaceBook, MEETINGS … my blog, videos, stories of life-changing events on your team … TIME TO ROCK!

P.S.S. – push with EVERYTHING you got to put WINNERS in the seats at NatCon!!!  DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

  1. Shannon Davis
    Shannon Davis
    January 9, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Andy, Your blog made me smile! With the world going crazy around me you make me sane! I wish for more folks to be able to get some “Andy” in their lives. So I make it my mission to find some of those who will listen. Let’s go 2012! Shickyboom back to you!!! Shannon from Indy

  2. Charlotte Nicotre
    Charlotte Nicotre
    January 16, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Andy

    I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell how excited I am about your new book, Millionaire Maker Manual. I was in the right place at the right time, Saturday, at Mike & Michele Alleman’s house and Mike laid a book in front of me…

    I was excited to be one of the first to get the book here in Houston but more excited when I started reading the book later that afternoon. You have to understand reading books is a big challenge for me but I could not put your book down. Still have not. Every chance I have to sit, I read.

    It is so exciting to me because it is what we talk about everyday. It is like I am sitting in a rotational meeting every time I am reading. I have no doubt it will strike a fire under many folks when they also get their copy. I have already talked to Mike about getting my own case of the books to get in the hands of my new team members as quickly as possible.

    I’ll be looking for an autograph in Raleigh , if that is ok?? Thank you again for all your hard work!!

  3. Bill and Linda Cook
    Bill and Linda Cook
    January 19, 2012 at 9:10 pm


    The MMM Rocks!! Linda and I can’t stop reading it,jam packed so much key intense teaching available to so many so quickly and so economically!! As I read each page I can’t stop thinking of what the cost was to you .. The investment you made financially,emotionally and of Your Time!! I am so GRATEFUL you have written this down for people that want to Win to be able to do so FAST!! See you at NATCON!!!Loving Life,
    Bill and Linda Cook

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