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  1. Clay Smitherman

    William Smitherman
    4:16 PM (6 minutes ago)
    to Andy

    Andy, hi it’s Clay Smitherman! I met you in Raleigh with Aaron Guetterman when you did the rotational there a few months back and in Burlington again for the TWC show. Thank you soooooo much for calling me last night on your way to London! I got so pumped up by your call and it really made me realize that for the first time in my professional life I’m part of a TEAM. Our team is a calling and it’s vitally important for the families we serve. I have been so blessed by you and your amazing team and appreciate how willing they are to help me build my business. Thank you also for having Ashley and Courtney help me to build depth in my business…I’m vey humbled, overwhelmed and choked up about it. It’s easy to see why you are so successful. I hope you and Jane and Haleigh and Spencer have a fabulous trip to London and Paris, and may God bless you and your family and keep you safe.

    My sincerest thanks,

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