Hello from Orlando, Fla.! War Party is underway

We landed a few hours ago in the Sunshine State and kicked off the first of three War Parties this week. I’m down here with my team – the War Eagles: Kyle Winebrenner, Bill Lampe, Kyle Keator, Paul Roberts and Chris Hill.

Are you getting your team ready, equipping them with all the tools and showing them how to be successful? This is what it’s about. Winning is contagious and we’re looking for more winners to join us.

Here’s what we are doing during this three-day run: we are going to show people what it’s like to be on a real team. It’s a team of warriors and we’re in this together. You will not find this kind of camaraderie anywhere else. The Alliance has that “it” factor that people want to be a part of. The team has never been tighter and our system is better than it has ever been.

We are going to recognize people for their hard work at these events, and if you are not in Orlando tonight then I hope you can make it to Atlanta, Ga. (Tuesday) or Burlington, N.C. (Wednesday).

Now, we had more than 1,000 people at the War Parties we held Nov. 27-29. I think we are going to be able to top those numbers this week. Make sure you are there, make sure your team is there and make sure you are inviting everybody you know that might want to see what we do.

Hey, I’ve got to run, but I just wanted to get this blog out and share a quick video we shot on the flight down here … be on the lookout for another video later tonight.

War Eagles hosting War Parties … let’s go!

One thought on “Hello from Orlando, Fla.! War Party is underway

  1. Michele Parker

    Andy, I am fired up and will be at the War Party today in Burlington and plan to bring three new recruits with me ! I sepnt all day yesterday inviting people – 10 potential new recruits – inviting them to watch TWC of te War Party as well ! Michele

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