Helping expand the entrepreneur mindset at N.C. State

One of the things I am proud of is that my wife, Jane and I were able to support the Entrepreneurship Initiative at my alma mater North Carolina State University.


We both believe in helping young people and I saw it as a great way to help the next wave of great, young thinkers who want to be job creators in the future. Our family loves Wolfpack athletics, but we wanted to do something other than buy season tickets to football and basketball games. This was a great fit for us to help give back on the campus that Haleigh is graduating from in May and where Spencer will be in the fall as a freshman.

Since we pledged our gift in 2014, the Albright Entrepreneurs Village has seen incredible growth. The program continues expanding its reach and thousands of students have enjoyed the ability to take their idea and put it into motion.

There’s a great article titled “Incubating Curiosity” that covers all the things going on with the EI and the Albright Village at Innovation Hall. Take a few minutes to read all about it if you’d like to learn more about it.

We love N.C. State’s motto: “Think and Do.” It’s a slogan that has grown roots and the students in the Albright Village are living this by taking action. That’s what entrepreneurs and leaders are great at, they think and move. They don’t sit and simmer until the timing is perfect. There’s never a perfect time to do anything. To make something happen, you have to move and act.

Too many people make the mistake of waiting on the perfect time. Perfection is a trap for those who spend too much time in the clouds dreaming and not enough time in ground digging and cultivating their goals and dreams.

I’m very proud of our association with N.C. State, the EI program and the leaders at my alma mater. I’m going to do even more to help the Albright Scholars at N.C. State in the future. They are working hard today to make tomorrow better for many people in the Triangle, the state of North Carolina, the United States and around the world!

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