Helping your Upline Manager “Work Depth” – Use Common Sense

                Okay, so your upline is working down in your group, and he is a good guy, and your downline is a good guy.  They're both good people saying the right things.  Okay, so you don't HAVE to be friends with this person in depth, but you DO need to coordinate...

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                Okay, so your upline is working down in your group, and he is a good guy, and your downline is a good guy.  They’re both good people saying the right things.  Okay, so you don’t HAVE to be friends with this person in depth, but you DO need to coordinate with your upline that is working in your depth.
                 Let’s say your upline is rather harsh in depth and tough on your person.  Well, that’s good, if they are teaching the right things.  It’s good, but let’s say his personality rubs people a little bit wrong.  There is nothing wrong with you being in depth talking to that same person, saying, “Hey Kyle, chill out.  Chill out.  I know David came in, and he’s real hard on you, but he’s hard on you for a reason.  He’s right about your persistency.  He’s right about your placement.  He’s right.  And the goal is to win.” 

So don’t let any personality conflicts get in the way of success,  assuming there is a personality conflict.
                Let’s say that your upline, David, goes down in your depth and he’s working hard, helping out.  You can go up to your upline and say, “Hey man, you know my downline has good width, but he’s got 17 other people he didn’t tell you about.  So Kyle didn’t explain everything to you, David.  He didn’t share with you all the things that are going on.  I don’t think he’s a great communicator.  So just be aware, David, when you’re in my depth, that Kyle is not a great communicator.”  So, even if your upline is working in your depth in your one big leg, you can still be in contact, setting the example and communicating with this person. It is critical that you coordinate with your upline, David in this example, and Kyle in depth, and make sure that you are intertwined.  Make sure that you understand what is happening, and make sure that you kind of pour gas on the fire, that you add to what’s going on. 
                Now, let’s say you are in the middle here, and David is working down in depth with Kyle, and you are a bad example:  you skip convention, you don’t write annuities, you don’t follow the team player steps.  Maybe you need to back away a little more,  and let that person “take over” your depth until you are ready to come back strong.  But, if you are doing the eight steps, and you are a great example, you should be involved, but keep in mind if it’s your only leg, and your upline is working down in it, he kind of has the power.  He kind of has the say so.  He is “the man” because you haven’t proven that you can have two tap roots, three tap roots, four tap roots, five tap roots.  See that is the point of our MVP.  That’s the point of our recognition.  That’s why we point out who has multiple, big, growing organizations, because that is kind of the proof is in the pudding.  That’s kind of he’s “been there done that”, so we listen to him. 
                See, our culture is a culture of success, not a culture of should-be’s, want-to-be’s, might-be’s.  Ours is: he puts the puck in the net, he gets in the red zone and scores. Therefore, we let those people do the teaching.  We don’t get the losers, the mediocre people, the will-be’s, and want-to-be’s and should-be’s.  It’s the people that did it.  All right?
 I hope that helps you a tad bit  in depth.

  1. Adam Katz
    Adam Katz
    January 6, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Thanks for explaining how to properly work and coordinate depth. As always, communication is the key and being the example worth following is the goal. Thanks for always being that example for our team. Our growth will explode based on my ability to execute your thought process throughout our Agency…


  2. Alex "Fitz" Fitzgerald
    Alex "Fitz" Fitzgerald
    January 9, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    I’ve never seen that teaching typed out; only spoken. It totally makes sense. The goal is to grow MASSIVE! If there is proper communication, massive growth is easier to get. I’ve seen uplines working in depth and the guy in the middle come in and totally de-edify the upline by completely contradicting what has been done by the upline. Often, the middle guy doesn’t do it intentionally. The de-edification comes when the middle guy makes what the upline is saying softer for the downline, without saying, “But he’s right…”

  3. Patrick Connors (Abuyuan Team)
    Patrick Connors (Abuyuan Team)
    February 15, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    One thing I’ve learned by working with you, Andy, is when you’re seeking information, YOU’RE SEEKING INFORMATION! When you ask us something, YOU WANT TO KNOW. You’re not always trying to get us to THINK when you’re seeking this info–sometimes you’re seriously just seeking the info. Once you have it, you can make informed decisions–which saves EVERYONE time and makes you MORE EFFECTIVE. This blog reminds me of that trait of yours–because the downline often has THE POWER to expedite growth. By simply passing info upline, a downline can make an upline’s efforts SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

    e.g., when you ask, “how many people are signed up for LC10 in your 3rd and 4th largest legs?” you’re not asking for reasons why the bulk of the people are in legs 1 and 2–you’re simply seeking information. With this info, you can LEAD.

    The downline who doesn’t quickly and effectively get information to the upline who’s seeking the info could miss out on MASSIVE GROWTH.

    No where else in my life have I ever heard this, Andy–so it’s not surprising to me how few people understand this powerful secret. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Mamie Keemer
    Mamie Keemer
    December 5, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Cool news it is definitely. I have been seeking for this tips.

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