4 thoughts on ““Hitch a Ride”

  1. Stephanie R. Ireland

    At the end of the day, I think the most gargantuan impact NAA will make on the history books is our impact on young people and their financial future. If they follow NAA, they will never even know of the financial and economic situations that so many adults think of today as ‘normal; to be expected.’ They will never have sayings like ‘working for the man’ or ‘the only sure things in life are death a taxes.’ With NAA they will have the sure thing of a fulfilled life of leadership and a tax-free ‘retirement.’ I don’t see NAA ‘retiring’, I see the people of NAA and their future generations blazing a trail of positive impact on society.

  2. Eric Rugila

    Just a reminder to everyone, we all can have an impact on people, just reach out your hand.

  3. Odie Anderson

    This post shows the impact we can have on people we lead to this business. No words can express the impact! NAA and Andy Albright are the real DEAL!

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